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About (Late) Last Night: Huckabombs and Angry Birds [Video]

March 8, 2011 |  7:30 am

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has been put on notice.

Last night, Stephen Colbert took to his Colbert Nation to rant against statements by Huckabee, now a Fox News Channel host, in a slew of recent radio appearances. Huckabee challenged Natalie Portman for getting pregnant out of wedlock, said President Obama grew up in Kenya and had an upbringing comparatively foreign to most Americans and compared gay marriage to, well, incest. 

But it's not what Huckabee said in dropping these "huckabombs," Colbert said. It's that the Republican politician didn't say any of this on his show. (On "The Colbert Report," he said, Huckabee was a "steaming pile of reason.")

Colbert, however, did correct the governor on a couple points. He advised him to be careful when criticizing Portman's child because "that kid she's pregnant with is Luke Skywalker." And Colbert said Huckabee had a few facts wrong on the president's personal story.

"Obama didn't grow up in Kenya," Colbert said. "He was born in Kenya, before moving to Islamistan, where he then traveled back in time to plant his birth announcement in a Hawaiian newspaper."

Meanwhile, elsewhere in cable land, the Angry Birds became life-sized. Over on "Conan," Conan O'Brien welcomed his new Finnish online viewers with a tribute to one of their country's greatest contributions while dissing their enemy neighbors of Sweden. His stage was taken over by the Angry Birds game, bringing down Ikea furniture -- the symbol of Swedish engineering.


— Rick Rojas