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About (Late) Last Night: Charlie Sheen makes a surprise appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' [Video]

March 22, 2011 |  8:35 am



On Monday night, Dallas Mavericks owner and media entrepreneur Mark Cuban stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live," an interview that would have been unremarkable if it hadn't been for an unscheduled appearance by America's "winngingest" celebrity, Charlie Sheen. Truth be told, Sheen's appearance was not all that surprising. Earlier this month, Cuban announced that he's in talks with Sheen to star in a talk show on his HDNet TV channel, and, as we all know by now, Sheen is not exactly publicity-shy these days. 

What was more surprising -- or just depressing, depending on your perspective -- was the audience's exuberant, almost orgasmic response to Sheen's appearance. They shrieked as loudly as a mall-full of Justin Bieber fans, and dove for the self-promotional T-shirts Sheen lobbed to the crowd like so many home-run balls hit by Babe Ruth. Nevermind all the pandemonium was in response to an overpaid former sitcom star and unrepentant drug addict (or former drug addict depending on the source) with a penchant for deluded boasting and an extremely checkered personal life.

Most embarrassing, perhaps, was the response by Jimmy Kimmel, who exposed himself as a Sheen fanboy. "I'm blushing," he said, fanning his face in an attempt to calm down after Sheen surprised him with a big, wet kiss. Maybe he was just excited to have booked the man of the moment on his show, but given that Sheen has appeared on approximately 1 zillion shows in the last three weeks, Kimmel's obvious excitement seemed a tad inappropriate. It was not Kimmel's -- or humanity's -- finest hour.

-- Meredith Blake