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Michael Vick smart for dodging Oprah Winfrey's couch


Normally, pulling out of doing an episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" is a bad move.

But in Michael Vick's case, it was smart. The controversial quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles who made an incredible return to the football field after going to prison for his role in a dogfighting ring canceled plans to tape Winfrey's show this week for an episode that would have aired next week.

Obviously, going on Winfrey's show would have given Vick a huge platform to express remorse for his past actions. At the same time, though, it would also have given Winfrey an opening to revisit the whole dogfighting fiasco. Winfrey has an hour to fill and credibility at stake, which means it would have been very difficult for her to give Vick the kid-gloves treatment.

This is not to say that Vick deserves kid-gloves treatment. Whenever he does sit in front of the camera, he should be prepared to hear again the findings of the law, see horrific images from his dogfighting days and account for his actions.

So far, Vick has struck mostly the right notes in his comeback. Going on "Oprah Winfrey," though, to be given some sort of blessing by the queen of talk is too much too soon. Part of what Vick needs to learn and show is humility, and going on a popular TV show to say look at me now is not humble. Furthermore, Winfrey's primarily female audience both in the studio and at home may not prove to be the most friendly terrain for Vick. He'd be better suited doing an interview without a studio audience present.

Regardless of whether one thinks Vick wasn't punished enough or should not have been allowed back on the football field, there is little to be gained by him going on Winfrey's show so soon after his return. Those who loathe him for what he did won't be persuaded to think otherwise after an hour on Winfrey's couch. Those who have moved on don't need to be given a reason to reassess their opinion.

— Joe Flint

Photo: Michael Vick scrambling. Photo credit: Miles Kennedy/Associated Press.

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It was probably a good move for Vick not go on the show. Oprah is a dog lover, and I'm sure she would have spent a good amount of time on his dog fighting past. Not to mention his "Ron Mexico" past too. I'm sure most of her women viewers never heard how Vick knowingly gave herpes to someone.

Thanks for a good article.

Good luck to Michael Vick. We know you'll be out there when you're ready.

So far, you're taking things on at exactly the right pace! Good job!

It is quite obvious that Vick refuses to face public outrage for the cruelty and suffering he inflicted by his own hands on the suffering dogs that he once owned. The only reason he is not going on Oprah is because he is a coward as far as addressing what he did. He has already ran away from one man who owns one of his dogs with his security guard swearing and saying, "We don't care about that dog." I wish he would have went on Oprah, and if she is really the dog lover she says she is, she would have wiped the floor with Vick's nasty, lying face!

I feel extremely passionate about any animal from a lady bug to a gorilla to our underwater dolphins, whales and sharks. I am a dog person having rescue dogs and even going to New York to help with the rescue and recovery dogs. I am right now physically limited to get another at this time and emotionally not ready when I lost my dog 6 years ago at 16 years ago. I think people do not give dogs enough credit because they are amazing. When I was working, I was instrumental in implementing dog therapy on the unit I workd in at the hospital and just out recently of the hospital having surgery and there was also dog therapy. They detect cancer, detect when someone is having a heart attack or when someone is in a diabetic coma. If I had any kind of money, I would have a refuge I would take in dogs. It is a love one can only explain as unconditional and there is nothing like cuddling up with them. They just want to be loved and what you get in return is something that cannot be bought. Now saying that, the bully breeds have a bad reputation to begin with. They could be therapy dogs, too. My son has a bully breed along with three kids and you cannot get anything sweeter and we all enjoy him tremendously. Obviously, I annot say enough about our 4 legged friends. Personally, I feel like I am jumping out of my skin when I think about any abuse and I usually cannot watch animal planet for that reason. I do not feel we are on earth for this.


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