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Uncle Leo of 'Seinfeld': A musical tribute to Len Lesser

Len Lesser -- "Seinfeld's"' cantankerous Uncle Leo -- has died.

As Lesser once told the Los Angeles Times about his character: "He's the kind of guy who is a total nuisance at times and the kind of guy you avoid. He's is very warm and outgoing and loud. He's a very expansive character, and that has an attraction to it I think.

"Many people have told me, 'Oh my God. My father is like you.' "

"Something comes up every day," Lesser said in a 1998 interview with The Times. "I just want to do stuff that interests me now. Suddenly, in my old age, I'm working and I'm known much more than I ever had been."

So it's no wonder the Internet is abuzz with remembrances and tributes to the actor, who died Wednesday in Burbank. To wit: the above YouTube video, which was actually posted in January, set to the song "Lido Shuffle" by Boz Scaggs.

-- Scott Sandell

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We will miss you dearly, Len!!! JERRY, HELLO!!!!!!!!!



"you didn't say hello!?"

"she's on a FIXED income!"

My regret is that Mr. Pitt never got to meet Uncle Leo..RIP Len. ..Love Yer

Ciao, Len....Remembering the laughs, between takes....

Hook nosed? That's how you describe someone? I'm surprised coming from the L.A. Times...

"Nobody just overcooks a hamburger...."

The Seinfeld facebook page does a pretty good job at posting some of the classic moments http://www.facebook.com/seinfeld


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