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Who could replace Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men'? The speculation begins

Sheen Now that Charlie Sheen has said his piece in morning show interviews and a live feed on TMZ, it's becoming harder and harder to see "Charlie Harper" ever making his return to the CBS show that had its production shut down for the rest of the season.

So now begins the game of guessing how or with whom CBS and Warner Bros. will proceed Sheen-less with the cash cow of a comedy.

The likeliest option — besides just canceling the show — would be to bring in some kind of replacement. Everyone's replaceable in theory, and someone playing a shallow, womanizing bachelor who works in showbiz would seem to be especially replaceable.

Uncle Jesse ... is that you on "Two and a Half Men"? EOnline reported that John Stamos of feather-haired "Full House" fame — and a recent run on "Glee" — is in talks with CBS to replace Sheen. Stamos has denied any such thing, saying on Twitter last Friday: "Contrary to the rumors, I am not replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. however, Martin Sheen has asked me to be his son."

Who else might fit the bill? Matt Dillon did a hilarious turn recently as a hard-partying guy who never grew up on "Modern Family." The producers could keep it in the family and bring in Sheen's brother, actor-director Emilio Estevez. (I haven't seen him around much since the "Mighty Ducks" sequels, so he's likely available.)  Or they could scrap the whole the replacement idea and build a bigger role for Holland Taylor, who plays the tipsy, manipulative real-estate agent mother.

It wouldn't the first time Sheen was involved in a sitcom switcharoo: He took Michael J. Fox's place on "Spin City," for the show's final two seasons, after Fox left because of advancing Parkinson's disease — one of the seemingly rare occasions in which a show held on after the departure of a leading character. (It's the same conundrum faced by "The Office," which will be bidding farewell to star Steve Carrell, especially since the show's getting long in the tooth as it wraps its seventh season.)

There are plenty of instances of ancillary characters disappearing without notice or a flimsy excuse or just being replaced. Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) went to Costa Rica on "Home Improvement" — and has yet to return. Judy #2 (Jaimee Foxworth, who became a porn star and "Celebrity Rehab" cast member) walked up the kitchen stairs in an episode of "Family Matters" and was never seen on the show again.  On "Roseanne," bratty eldest daughter Becky went from being played by Lecy Goranson to Sarah Chalke (later on "Scrubs"), and then back to Goranson and to Chalke. (Whew!)

But Sheen does not play a minor character, and it would certainly be jarring for a television family — albeit an unusual one — to undergo such a drastic change after seven seasons. It's like "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" minus Jon all over again.


What do you think? Could John Stamos fit in with the rest of the cast? Who would your ideal replacement be? And how would they write Sheen out of the show? Take the poll and add your own suggestions in the comments.


Show Tracker: Charlie Sheen's publicist 'respectfully resigns' after latest round of actor's media outbursts

— Rick Rojas

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Martin Short, also good choice 2012 occar host..........I've heard

the name willie fullgear mentioned...........................

They could have Herb and Judith get divorced and then Herb moves in with Alan and call the new show Two and Half Ex's...

I hate when actors are replaced by others, it's never the same.....so just call it 2 men continue on with Jake and Alan and get on with it.....saying Charlie went on a bender never to return.....the show is fantastic, Monday night will never be the same, but maybe for a while the other two can carry it?!?!?!

I suggest that they have Charlie and Rose run off and get married and leave the house to Alan. Then, Herb and Judith have a fight and split up and Herb moves in with Alan. You would have two nerds living together and they both think they are the baby girls Dad. Judith would bring the baby over to Herb and Alan and Jake would come, too. A lot of funny shows could be made with this scenario. I like Charlie Sheen, but he needs a lot of help before he self-destructs.

I love Charlie Sheen and I seem to remember about some guy saying "he who is without sin should cast the first stone". It may have been Jesus...

And PS, this show would be nothing without Charlie Sheen. And CBS would be nothing without Two and A Half Men. So what needs to be done is obvious!

as big an nut job as Sheen is, the show is funny almost solely because of him...and the fact that he's very nearly playing himself...I would hate for them to cancel one of the funniest shows to ever grace the small screen, but without Sheen, the show has jumped the shark...

Robert Downey Jr. could step right into this show without missing a beat!

He marries Rose and moves away.

He dies or replace him with Christian Slater or Michael Keaton.

The guy who plays "Puck" on Glee would be PERFECT!

Emilio Estevez

I love 2 and a half men and well here is my 2 cents and it works for me.

Charlie runs off to Europe with Rose.
Herb gets kicked out by Judith, pending a divorce.

Show now revolves around Alan as the main character, with Herb being the homeless/ wifeless guy.

My 2 cents, Ha!

matt dillon should replace Charlie Sheen

I hate to burst your bubble, but Emilio already appeared on Men, and his character died. That could be hard to reconcile. They should meet Sheen's $3M demand...and offer it to Johnny Depp. He'd be perfect!

You don't need a replacement at all, build on the characters you have, especially the funny guy who is the kids father, there are alot of characters already there.

The show can go on, but not trying to replace the one missing - or the idea anyone could take that place.

The show was beginning to get old seeing - just someone in bed with someone, getting really old and tired, not much funny or storyline there.

What hollywood thinks - everyones brains are about, their demographic - just isn't working.

And with all new shows, with kids plaing adult parts, its hard to believe them, for - demographics, its kinds funny.

Many of those shows keep dropping off, they dtill keep trying to do kids in parts, that should have many ages in them - and not all the same type of not funny humor.

Anyway - I think adding a guy to replace the one who is missing, will actually ruin the show.

Just sayin.

Charlie Harper dies

At his funeral, his daughter "Charlie" Harper arrives. She is from a college fling in Mexico. Charlie married her mother in Mexico. The mother went on to become a stripper and part time adult movie star.

She is a female version of Charlie. A single, shallow, man eating women who just happens to do casting for movies and TV. She has a collection of beautiful people walking through the house an auditions.

Rest of the cast stays in place.

Perhaps the next episode starts with Charlie Harper in a tragic accident that requires major re-constructive plastic surgery and BAM! In comes Stamos (or Estaves, or, hell, even Martin Sheen).

Replace him with Hugh Grant or Johnny Depp.

These guys do not understand that popularity of a serial has been caused by that that at Charlie there is a charisma of the rebel, and there is a class sense of humour.

Bottom line,,, when Charlie Sheens gone the show is gone, there isent one character on this show that youd tune in to see past him , we watch because Charlie Sheen "IS " the guy he plays on the show.

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