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Who could replace Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men'? The speculation begins

Sheen Now that Charlie Sheen has said his piece in morning show interviews and a live feed on TMZ, it's becoming harder and harder to see "Charlie Harper" ever making his return to the CBS show that had its production shut down for the rest of the season.

So now begins the game of guessing how or with whom CBS and Warner Bros. will proceed Sheen-less with the cash cow of a comedy.

The likeliest option — besides just canceling the show — would be to bring in some kind of replacement. Everyone's replaceable in theory, and someone playing a shallow, womanizing bachelor who works in showbiz would seem to be especially replaceable.

Uncle Jesse ... is that you on "Two and a Half Men"? EOnline reported that John Stamos of feather-haired "Full House" fame — and a recent run on "Glee" — is in talks with CBS to replace Sheen. Stamos has denied any such thing, saying on Twitter last Friday: "Contrary to the rumors, I am not replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. however, Martin Sheen has asked me to be his son."

Who else might fit the bill? Matt Dillon did a hilarious turn recently as a hard-partying guy who never grew up on "Modern Family." The producers could keep it in the family and bring in Sheen's brother, actor-director Emilio Estevez. (I haven't seen him around much since the "Mighty Ducks" sequels, so he's likely available.)  Or they could scrap the whole the replacement idea and build a bigger role for Holland Taylor, who plays the tipsy, manipulative real-estate agent mother.

It wouldn't the first time Sheen was involved in a sitcom switcharoo: He took Michael J. Fox's place on "Spin City," for the show's final two seasons, after Fox left because of advancing Parkinson's disease — one of the seemingly rare occasions in which a show held on after the departure of a leading character. (It's the same conundrum faced by "The Office," which will be bidding farewell to star Steve Carrell, especially since the show's getting long in the tooth as it wraps its seventh season.)

There are plenty of instances of ancillary characters disappearing without notice or a flimsy excuse or just being replaced. Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) went to Costa Rica on "Home Improvement" — and has yet to return. Judy #2 (Jaimee Foxworth, who became a porn star and "Celebrity Rehab" cast member) walked up the kitchen stairs in an episode of "Family Matters" and was never seen on the show again.  On "Roseanne," bratty eldest daughter Becky went from being played by Lecy Goranson to Sarah Chalke (later on "Scrubs"), and then back to Goranson and to Chalke. (Whew!)

But Sheen does not play a minor character, and it would certainly be jarring for a television family — albeit an unusual one — to undergo such a drastic change after seven seasons. It's like "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" minus Jon all over again.


What do you think? Could John Stamos fit in with the rest of the cast? Who would your ideal replacement be? And how would they write Sheen out of the show? Take the poll and add your own suggestions in the comments.


Show Tracker: Charlie Sheen's publicist 'respectfully resigns' after latest round of actor's media outbursts

— Rick Rojas

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Please keep this show alive. The writers and actors are great. I would love to see a someone replace Charlie Sheet. He needs some serious help.

I hate to see the rest of the cast and crew out of work but Charlie Sheen should be finished with show business.

Not bad enough that he can't behave and risks the livlihood of the rest of the people involved, but to demand even more money is absurd! It was already stupid that he was the highest paid TV actor. He was never worth it.

You can't be serious saying the show would go on without Charlie Sheen. It's his show. Would I Love Lucy still have existed if Lucielle Ball laft? I'm not comparing them but it makes as much sense. You can't just replace the main star.

Randy Quaid

LOVE.... LOVE....LOVE the show... But they could easily write Charlie out and write in some long lost illegitimate brother with the same womanizing traits as Charlie and keep right on rolling... and Charlie will hardly be missed....

If Charlie Sheen is not going to play Charlie Harper anymore, then cancel the freaking show already. Those who have been watching since the beginning are already grown accustomed to Charlie Sheen---whoever replaces him won't measure up because Charlie Sheen is the standard for the character. The creators should just finish up, and start with something fresh and new... .

@paige: uh, it's 'Sheen'

Sorry Charlie,

You've completely maxed out your goodwill. Putting people out of work while you justify indulging in your cocaine/boozefilled pornfests, not to mention demanding more money illustrates that you not only need to be off the screen and getting medical help for an extended period of time, but that you are not fit to be near your children. Given their fame seeking mother, God help those girls is all I can say.

Replacement? Why not say he has gone to London and replace him with his British cousin "Charles", played by Hugh Grant?

The show will not survive without Charlie.
Noone can replace him.
The other actors are good but Charlie IS the show.

Charlie dies leaving everything to Allen. Then Allen and his girlfriend have a baby. It's now back to two and half men because the son is now a "man". Life goes on.....

Only one other dude could replace party Cahrlie. Russell Brand.

2 and a half men is a show that is made from a group of many people just like any show, there are a lot of talented actors out there. There should not be a problem to find a replacement. How about Johnny Depp? What makes the show are the writers, c'mon people find a replacement. The show is a great hit, don't give up on it just yet. It is the sum of all the actors writers and producers and others that make up the great show not just one actor.

I don't watch the show, but from what I gather about the character, couldn't Matt Dillon be a consideration? He's good-looking, a good actor, with a great flair for comedy. And I suspect he doesn't have Charlie Sheen's fake hair and teeth replacement problems. (The wild life does take its toll.) And I think, just knowing they got rid someone so obnoxious, I'd then give the show a try.

I think that it is time to take Charlie Sheen off the set of "Two and a Half Men". He is not a good "influence" for people to be watching. I have lost all respect for this man as he has not tried to help himself at all. And now do we think that he is worth 3 million dollars a episode???????????????????????????? No one is worth that amount when we have people that are starving and much more needy.

What about Colonel Gaddafi? He is going to be out of work soon?

Easy write Charlie out he has a massive argument with his mother and brother
they leave the brother and son get a new place the interfering mother starts
sorting their life out and a neighbor similar story as charlie is added in full of wit
and one liners (maybe love interest for the mother)
and the woman/maid/cook comes to brothers for a job as charlie kicked her out
and the nutty neighbor woman can also pop in time to time everyone's got a job
and Charlie gone......Voila

They could write him off by saying he went to live with Rose in England. It wouldn't be the same show without him though.

Who to replace him with? A tree stump. Shows the same acting range.

There is no point in this show continuing without Charlie Sheen--he IS the show

I am a late arrival to the show this past year and love the program. Would be a huge mistake to walk away from such a talented cast. It is hard not to smile with anticipation as each of the characters enters a scene. Never had the feeling the show revolved around Charlie. And Charlie is hardly a sympathetic or complex character. I know a lot of guys just like him. Be creative and the show will flourish another 7 years.

replace him with bob hope cgi'd from the hereafter

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