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The 9 lives of Rob Lowe: a video tribute

February 11, 2011 |  6:10 am

Lowe2 Watching Rob Lowe this season in his new role on “Parks & Recreation,”  it’s obvious that he’s a great comic actor. But is Lowe himself a man with a sense of humor?

The producer and writers of "Parks & Rec" decided to test that concept recently when they asked Lowe to appear in a video in which he would play himself being a creepy diva. Lowe’s response? “We’re totally doing this. It’s hilarious.”

 "What can be limiting or get in the way of actors — and especially with handsome actors or beautiful actresses — is they just don’t want to look stupid,” “Parks and Recreation" colleague Amy Poehler told us for this LA Times profile of Lowe. “They let their vanity get in the way. From Day 1 Rob was down to go for it.”

Lowe is on a TV high these days, starring on “Parks and Rec” and guesting on “Californication” and coming off a four-year stint on “Sisters and Brothers.” But Lowe’s career has been anything but smooth — he has zigzagged through Hollywood for more than 25 years, racking up scandals (including an infamous sex tape and legal battles with former household employees) and comebacks with great regularity.

Here are nine of his many lives, in video form:

Rob Lowe cast as Sodapop Curtis in Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Outsiders”

  Rob Lowe romances his sister (and a bear) in “Hotel New Hampshire”

Rob Lowe walks the '80s edge in "St. Elmo’s Fire"

Rob Lowe and a bunny get violent in “Bad Influence”

Rob Lowe faces apocalypse in Stephen King’s “The Stand”

Rob Lowe talks fast on “The West Wing”

Rob Lowe gets romantic on “Brothers and Sisters”

Rob Lowe does “the James Brown thing” on “Californication”

Rob Lowe talks shoes on “Parks and Recreation”


Rob Lowe laughs it up on "Parks and Recreation"

— Joy Press