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Super Bowl Ad Tracker: The force is within the Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Passat, as demonstrated in its Super Bowl ad, has the force not only to be convenient with its remote ignition, but it can also amuse your children. Volkswagen has a history of scoring big with its ads during the Super Bowl, and they've maintained that reputation this year. This ad is probably one of the simplest but funniest of the night.

What did you think? Do you want to buy a Volkswagen now just to play with the keyless ignition?

-- Rick Rojas

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Keyless cars could quite practical, i.e. warm up your car on a cold winter day.
I prefer keyless doors.

This was by far the best commercial, because it spoke to the kid in all of us.
Even without dialogue, the message is conveyed through simple motions and, in the case of the parents, exchanged looks. Simple is better.

The other commercial that registered was the iphone & Verizon when the Verizon man appears & notes that there is reception on their network
(unlike AT & T)...oh my!

No doubt. It was the best commercial of the superbowl.

My favorite commercial - it just made me laugh and totally cute.


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