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Super Bowl Ad Tracker: Love hurts. A Pepsi Max can to the head hurts even more.

Who knew a can of Pepsi Max could be a near-lethal weapon? In its Super Bowl ad, Pepsi Max attempts to reach out the ladies, perhaps, as they market the no-calorie soda as a way to keep their man in line. If that fails, it's no-calorie, so they'll be in good enough shape for a speedy getaway.

This ad, part of the Doritos and Pepsi Max Crash the Super Bowl competition, was created by Brad Bosley, 28, of Los Angeles. The 28-year-old aspiring writer and director made the commercial with a budget of $800. 

-- Rick Rojas

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People have become too uptight. Keep airing the commercial. Maybe it will remove the wads when people finally laugh! We only live once people just laugh. Would people be happy if Pepsi airs same commercial with races reversed? Come on Pepsi do it so I can laugh some more!

o boy ... the only reason why your upset is because it was a white woman and a black woman....there have been SO many times in movies that women get mad at men for looking at other women... STOP TRYING TO PAWN IT OFF ON RACE. look at the situation! the situation is soo common. the only reason you have anything to say is because there is color involved..... just because you want to see racism in this commercial doesnt mean it exists ... i think people that are angry about the history of this country are having a hard time getting over it. the only way for you to feel content in this society is to stop looking into things like this. you look at it as white vs black... you are the ones that are misguided. blwoing things out of porportion so you can catagorize it as racism. It was a woman getting mad at her man for looking at another woman...>!!!!!

i thought the commercial was hysterical :) we live in times when black women like white men , black men like white women.. you want equality and you want people to see passed color but then you go and make a big deal out of this commercial.. get with the times babe! this is reality .. white and black mixing .. Thank you Pepsi for not being scared to create a realistic commercial...... I think commericals like this are needed so we can look passed color. people are way too afraid of it

I simply do not think this is a very good commercial. It's obviously intended to be funny, so we should not take it seriously. However, treating the man like a fool is an old gag, and without a clever setting it falls flat. Using two different races of people provides the opportunity for the viewer to see this as racial, so it's a poor choice of casting. Leaving a girl on the ground in pain also just doesn't work. Humor is based on surprise and reality, and neither are used well, so this ad just isn't that funny. As far as ads go, I'd give this one a C-.

*I* found this ad to be hilarious. I think you're all waaaay too sensitive about the race issue. Everybody needs to chill out!

What amazes me is that moron Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee of Texas has to put her two cents worth in on the floor of Congress. How did she ever get elected? Oh I have a clue..It is called districting.

who is the actress of the gorgeous runner in pink

Yep, if it was the opposite way around, say a white couple hitting a black woman, there would be complete and total chaos!

Incredibly stupid and racist ad. What is wrong with Pepsico? So irritatingly stupid, I don't remember what sort of Pepsi they're advertising. No problem. I'll just buy Coke.

Super Bowl Pepsi Max Commercial Showing Woman Abusing Man
The issue is not race. This commercial was highly offensive to the male victims of domestic violence who find themselves unable to find help as people think it is funny. Seventeen years ago, the Super Bowl also played another controversial commercial, based on report that never existed, yet was reported as fact by the national news, that more domestic violence against women took place on Super Bowl Night than any other night of the year. Men are the victims of domestic violence in at least 39% of the cases, yet shelters are designed to only help women. Consider the uproar this would have generated had had the gender roles been reversed. Note that the creator of the as lives near me.

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women

It was just a commercial people. I would like to apologize to those who took it offensively. It was very creative and well put together in a humorous way. If you look at it, the wife was trying to keep her husband from eating all the wrong things. Did you not see it when he tried to order french fries at the restaurant? Or did you see him with the pie and try to sneak and eat the burger in the bathtub? Would you feel better if the woman hit with the soda can was black? Maybe..maybe not. I think we need to stop letting race be our motivation for anger. Again, it was just a commercial and I thought it was a good one.

The commercial didn't have a damn thing to do with the white woman, and no, it is not reverse racism; its the good ole racism that America is known for. The man's girlfriend, a big black woman, is angry and mean (stereotype #1). Then a slender, sexy white woman comes by and the black man can barely keep it in his pants as she sits near him (stereotype #2). Then, after the woman, in a rage, hits the white woman with the can of Pepsi, the black couple flees (stereotype #3). This commercial is not only offensive, but it is beyond stupid. What is the point?

This commercial is racist against Black women. Plain and simple. It is just another way media companies continue to try to demonize Black women. In this commercial, who is the bad person? The Black woman, through and through. She is portrayed as violent and ugly, and is a continuation of a widespread media effort to devalue Black women, and reverse history, making whites, particularly white women, the victims of violence by Blacks, particularly Black women. This commercial is a lie on Black women, just as Bethany Storro lied on Black women.

Black women need to not take this to heart and remember who the true violent racists were against Black men who looked at white women - white men AND white women. White men acted as the henchman for the white women who lied on Black men, women and children about imaginary indiscretions against white women.

Lest you start to believe the lies being broadcast about Black women and violence towards Black men and white women, please learn your history and remember the more than 4,921 African Americans lynched in the South between 1882 and 1930 alone. And if you include the North, the number jumps dramatically. http://www.hangmansknot.com/articles/african-american-lynching.htm

Also when you start harping on Black women regarding us being emasculating, violent, or racist, remember that the ultimate emasculation of Black men began and still continue with white racists, who regularly CASTRATED Black men, and today emasculate them by housing many of them in corporate jail complexes.

"Most of the lynchings were by hanging or shooting, or both. However, many were of a more hideous nature—burning at the stake, maiming, dismemberment, castration, and other brutal methods of physical torture. Lynching therefore was a cruel combination of racism and sadism." http://www.yale.edu/ynhti/curriculum/units/1979/2/79.02.04.x.html

And lest you forget, look up Emmit Till, a Black youth that a white woman told a lie on (said he winked at her), resulting in his violent death by cowardly white thugs.

And if you still don't care about the true and long history of emasculation of Black men by racist white women and white men, or want to continue to cast Black women as violent harpies against Black men and white women, then look to the crazy white women, Marni Yang, who killed another pregnant white woman and her unborn child over a Black man - and had initially planned to kill the Black man first.

So Pepsi and this 28-year white boy racist, Brad Bosley, can go somewhere with their angry" Black woman spiel. Black women have the right to be angry and will remain so while liars and tellers of half-truths remain in power in the media.

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