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Super Bowl Ad Tracker: Love hurts. A Pepsi Max can to the head hurts even more.

Who knew a can of Pepsi Max could be a near-lethal weapon? In its Super Bowl ad, Pepsi Max attempts to reach out the ladies, perhaps, as they market the no-calorie soda as a way to keep their man in line. If that fails, it's no-calorie, so they'll be in good enough shape for a speedy getaway.

This ad, part of the Doritos and Pepsi Max Crash the Super Bowl competition, was created by Brad Bosley, 28, of Los Angeles. The 28-year-old aspiring writer and director made the commercial with a budget of $800. 

-- Rick Rojas

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@ShameShameShame - Although the ignorance of your comment doesn't surprise me, it does disappoint me. Racism is alive and well in this country, a concept that is difficult for white people to understand because they are not on the receiving end of racism. You said, "If all you see is color then that is your problem!" No, it's a societal problem. People of color don't sit around and make up reasons to be upset or offended by racism, we get upset and are offended by the actual racist experiences we have. If you have never been the target of racism, it will be difficult for you to speak intelligently about the effects of racism in this country, so please refrain from making comments about subjects about which you have no basis of knowledge.

here is a different reason to not like this commercial...it exploits domestic violence, in this case a bout with anger left another person injured, and the people who commited that ran away! it sends the message that its okay for women to physically abuse their men, because it's funny...imagine if he punched her in the face because he was so upset, he'd be spending the night in jail, while she would be portrayed as the victim....this commercial is wrong on so many levels....shame on pepsi!

White ppl are mad cause the white chick was smacked hard lol in the head blk women are mad because of how blk women where projected. But think about it who in real life would do this. Not all blk women are nasty nor would we throw something at sm1 by accident with out aplgz. America will ruin it self cause we really don't like each other and would rather believe in bogus sterotypes then laugh and crow it as a funny commercial.

The ad was funny, and anyone who was offended by this should take a hard look at themselves. It wasn't a "racial" statement, or a moral statement, it was slapstick comedy intended to entice a reaction...LAUGHTER!!! In my case, it worked like a charm. In the meantime, you're all missing the most important thing about this ad...who is the stunning blonde that got hit with the can? She's amazing.

I didn't see it as racist - I thought it completely minimized domestic violence. I thought it was pretty bad. And then the end - she knocks the chick out and they run off? People who drink Pepsi Max are real jerks, apparently. Well I don't drink it but I think much less of the company now.

racist? reverse racism? stereotyping?? plain ans simple it was not funny to many sides. it is 2011 and we still have sides. being a white guy i see it as reverse racism. two black thugs of a couple hit a poor little white girl and run off. stereotypical? you bet black poeple do that (not all) and dumb white chicks flirt with black guys. stereotypical? you bet. (not all) point is the whole commercial was bad. fix it. boycott pepsi max and all pepsi products including doritos. it is all bad for you anyway.
have a wonderful day. ohhhh and my black wife ... says hi.

stereotype: I can't tell you after having a stroke how family and friend have been food police, but I know that they care! Fact is black men medically are at the highist rsk of heart attacks and strokes, a lot has to do with what one eats and stress. This is a medical fact so pepsi point is well taken, at least my docters agree. As far as the slap stick humor I don't believe black people go around throwing cans at white people because they are white or would run. He touches on issues which in other forums would be a serious topics, but he does it in a humorous manner. Now let's address the issue of race, if the girl had been latin, oriental or blk would we be having this conversation?

If you have never been the target of racism, it will be difficult for you to speak intelligently about the effects of racism in this country, so please refrain from making comments about subjects about which you have no basis of knowledge
Stereotype: I am a person that knows a lot more then you could even image. At 18 years old I watch a blackman gun down by police who was standing no more then 30ft from me, on the streets of Harlem NY. 1968. I can imagine you would not want to hear other stories I could tell you?

Can't wait when this couple hits your car in the parking lot or runs over your child on the street -- and then decides to flee. That'll be really funny!!

Pepsi, nice ethics taught here for the entire family.

Horrible ad, offensive in so many ways, I can't believe this was not filtered out
I will stop drinking pepsi from now on and I ask the firing of originators of the ad
PS: imagine if it was a White couple hitting a black woman and leaving her hurt on the floor.

Anniegirl - "This ad was soo offensive. As an African American woman, I am tired of the loud obnoxious dark skinned woman who is miserable and emasculating"

The tell most of then to stop being loud, obnoxious, miserable, and emasculating...

Sorry folks but stereotypes are not created out of thin air by people who hate you, they are created by watching a group of people over time and recognizing similar patterns in behavior like black women being loud, obnoxious, and emasculating...

I was offended by what I saw, without even considering race.

Imagine this ad: a woman is eating various high-calorie foods. Every time her husband sees her doing this, he smacks her, hits her, or somehow beats her up. Finally, the woman is sitting on a park bench, drinking a Pepsi Max. She sees her husband sit down next to her, and she cringes in fear, awaiting the next assault. But instead, the husband smiles, and pulls out his own Pepsi Max. "This drink is OK," we understand from the look on his face -- "this won't make you fat, honey."

That would be blatantly misogynistic and unacceptable. But somehow, with the genders reversed, domestic violence becomes humor.

you people need to get a life. im a black man and i just thought it was a funny commercial. stop taking every thing so serious.

Where's Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton when all this is going on??!! Oh right, it was a white woman that got hit in the head with a can by a black woman, good thing it wasnt the other way around or it would have been racist!

Horrible ad on a crime being committed and Pepsi is promoting it. One woman commits a battery on another and runs off. People complain about the kind of message that TV shows are giving, try looking at what kind the ads give. Pepsi should be ashamed.

As soon as the ad was over i thought..hmmm i larger black woman keeping a skinny white woman from her black man...how can you not see the color thing there..i couldnt help it..it would of been way more funnier if the white girl was a huge fat 300 pounder..then the ad would of made more sense...right bros..?! I feel there is a constant put down of black women in this country..and there are some fine azz black women..mmm mmm good..stupid..waste of time..

I agree with what tom anderson said. If the races were reversed in that ad, we

1) Would hear Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS daily talking about blatant racism in America.

2) Would have President Obama lecturing us on the selfish idiocy of capitalism as well as recommending punitive penalties for unAmerican advertising.

3) Would be watching the NAACP and SCLC file law suits against Pepsi for billions of dollars.

Even as the ad was, it was demeaning to a black couple, who ran away from a person who might have been seriously injured.

Whomever wrote the ad for Pepsi, whomever approved the ad as Pepsi employees, should fired. Today!

OMG....you are all taking this WAAAYYY too seriously. It was a very funny commercial, and no one noticed as the couple were running away that the woman was saying sorry to the jogger several time 0_o

This has to be a joke. THIS IS CERTAINLY A HOAX!

The first two people who prove to me that this is real will get $100. I promise.

Omg. I didn't even think of race either while watching this commercial. If the races had been reversed I still would not have thought about race. Me and my mother totally cracked up at this commercial and this one was my favorite along with the dad who made his son think he had super powers (Darth Vador). 'CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG???'
Very Truly Yours....Race Withheld....

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