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Super Bowl Ad Tracker: Chevy Cruze checks its status

Chevrolet might boast that the ability to check Facebook from the comfort of the driver's seat is the greatest addition to the automobile since the AM/FM radio. But, wow, it's probably the most terrifying. In this commercial, the drive home from a first date is too long to wait to check Facebook. 

It's amazing what a car can do, sure. What does that say about us? I'm fully cognizant of the fact that I'm writing this while simultaneously watching television and watching YouTube videos and blogging. Still, can't we protect the sanctity of the driver's seat -- the one place other than church where it's alright to keep technology to a minimum.

What do you think? Does this feature make you want to buy a Chevy Cruze? 

-- Rick Rojas

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I like the music better. what is it :)

Really great video. It helps me a lot. Thanks for sharing buddy.

The real question here is, "Should you be checking Facebook while driving?" Probably not.

I guess it's better to have your car read you your FB news feed than to try to check it on your phone while driving.

So . . . "we're not going to build a better car, we're going to build a car that reads facebook to you?"


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