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Super Bowl Ad Tracker: Bugged by the Volkswagen Beetle

What can one say about the Super Bowl ad for the Volkswagen Beetle? It's a crafty ad, but it doesn't say much about the car. I imagine that's exactly what Volkswagen was going for with this campaign: It builds up suspense for the new Beetle coming out this fall, and it insinuates that it's as speedy and nimble as an insect darting through the forest. What more could VW want?

Do you agree? How does this ad stack up with other Volkswagen spots?

-- Rick Rojas

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This ad using a hyper beetle is interesting to an extent. It is the background music chosen that concerns me, and perhaps more people than you might realize. "Black Betty" is the nickname given to the bullwhip used to beat slaves here in the south. I do not know if the same name was used up north or not. But that whip had a name. Granted it was a long time ago, but I know this and I'm just an average white guy. How many average blacks know this?


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