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KCBS reporter Serene Branson talks her way into post-Grammy drama

KCBS-TV reporter Serene Branson sparked some unexpected drama following the Grammy Awards when she slurred her words and appeared to speak gibberish during a live report.

Branson was reporting outside the Staples Center at the top of the 11:30 p.m. broadcast and was appearently trying to talk about the hoopla during the award show when her words became unintelligible. Some startled viewers thought she may have suffered a stroke during the report.

A KCBS spokesman released a statement that Branson was examined by paramedics on the scene immediately following the broadcast. "Her vital signs were normal," the statement said. "She was not hospitalized. As a precautionary measure, a colleague gave her a ride home, and she says she is feeling fine this morning."

— Greg Braxton

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Did they give her a breathalyzer test?

Unfortunately only a snarker would automatically think a medical scare is really the result of a drinking problem. As a stroke survivor, I'm grateful Ms. Branson is okay, but I hope she has a good MRI just in case and double-checks all her medications for side effects.

i hope she's ok. maybe she suffers from a stutter or a form of terets syndrome. it doesn't appear she was intoxicated and this is definitely not something to make fun of.

Wow, that was amazing.

You JERK!!! You can see that she is obviously scared and confused about what is happening to her! She may have had a stroke or a possible neurological problem. I hope you have a serious problem caught on tape so we can all laugh at you!!!! That is obviously NOT a drunken slur!!!!!!!!!

I am sorry, but it is painfully obvious that this woman has had some sort of brain injury while on air. Being checked by paramedics who are unable to do a CT scan is not good enough. This woman needs to see a neurologist and/or neurosurgeon IMMEDIATELY.



Doesn't have a twitter account on which she wrote that it was just nerves?
Everyone who thinks that it was bad to laugh at her. Well, was it any better that you guys all made up rumors that she had a stroke, a brain injury or died? I don't think so.

My kids do that sometimes. They try to talk with a mouth full of marshmellows. But she shouldnt try it on the air.

While in Tibet caddying for The Dalai Lama, I witnessed something very similar. After sending a huge drive, ( big hitter The Lama), into a 10,000 ft. crevasse at the base of a glacier, The Lama turned to me and said:

"Gunga galunga... gunga, gunga-lagunga."

Watching Ms. Branson, a cold shiver ran down my spine as I relived that horrible day...

My husband had a stroke, he collapsed at home. The EMT's were not going to take him to the hospital, his vitals were normal. We insisted, about 2 hours into the ER visit, he had the major symptoms. His heart rate dropped, etc. I agree w/earlier post about getting the MRI, strokes can be very deceptive. Also not a catscan, but an MRI. Strokes do not always show up on the catscan until about 24- 48 hrs later. My prayers are w/her.

But she didn't have a stroke. She wasn't even hospitalized, she was checked out by a paramedic and sent home. CBS confirmed it. She just flubbed, period, so what's so terrible about laughing about it?? This even says "may have" so I really don't understand why everyone was all up in arms before there was even a confirmation that something was wrong with her...

Serene Branson may have had a micro stroke, I have had two in the last 6 years, you suddenly start talking gibberish, although the words in your head are correct.

I am currently OK; but she should get herself checked out... just in case its more serious, a friend recently had the same thing happen and after MRI scan they found a tumour, now succesfully operated on, do not leave this.. it is a warning.

Good Luck to you.


She's a pro and this was obviously medical. I'd be curious to learn if and why we can suddenly 'disconnect' from our ability to speak for reasons other than a stroke.

Side note to Carl Spackler who commented on this story.

Was that the Dali Lama with the grace, the flowing robes...bald? Was he striking?

And the big question...did you REALLY receive total consciousness? Was it nice?

You rock Carl Spackler.

I have had the same thing happen several times and been completely checked out for strokes, etc. It is a complex MIGRAINE and does not have to be accompanied by a headache. It goes away quickly and you may have a headache afterwards but it is fairly common. It is scary because you think you are saying the correct word but hear gibberish coming out and you can't talk enough to tell anyone what is happening. I now point to my mouth and my head to get across to my husband what it happening.


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