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KCBS reporter Serene Branson says she's feeling OK

KCBS reporter Serene Branson, who has sparked a Web sensation with her live post-Grammy Award report in which she is talking gibberish [video here], has told her bosses that she is feeling fine and that her mangled speech was not indicative of a serious medical problem.

Branson on Monday was responding to concerns that she may have suffered a stroke or some other seizure while launching into a report outside Staples Center at the top of KCBS' 11:30 p.m. news. The live broadcast of the Grammys had ended about three hours earlier when Branson started her report on the drama surrounding the ceremony.

Branson was immediately examined by paramedics on the scene following the report, and was not hospitalized. She was reported to be resting at home Monday.

While Branson told station executives there was no indication of a serious medical problem, it remained unclear when she would return to work.

Meanwhile, the Web had exploded with videos of the report, with observers making fun or blasting Branson for her flub.

Branson, who started working at the station in July 2006,  is a two-time Emmy nominee and a recipient of the Frank Shakespeare Award for Outstanding Achievement in Journalism, according to her bio on the station's website. A graduate of UCLA and a "proud Bruin," she "is thrilled to be reporting on stories in her hometown," where she was born and raised.

The sudden attention surrounding Branson recalls to some extent the hoopla that surrounded Caitlin Upton, a 2007 Miss South Carolina Teen USA who became an unwitting national celebrity when she provided a rambling, nonsensical answer to a question posed to her during the Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant.


KCBS reporter Serene Branson talks her way into post-Grammy drama

-- Greg Braxton

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I agree with many of the comments here. (1) This has nothing to do with Miss South Carolina, who was simply dumb and (2) Branson should seek medical care immediately, regardless of how she feels today.

It's odd that I can't find her age listed anywhere. I'm guessing mid-20's based on when she was at UCLA...? Would seem like an important fact after a probable TIA.

That poor woman. I hope she's following up with medical specialists and that everything is okay. I can't believe people are making jokes about this.

She most likely had a seizure. Many times seizures do go undiagnosed. Unless she has a history of seizures or if she'd had a tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizure or any other generalized seizure, and EEG or other scans wouldn't necessarily show any abnormalities. The signs she displayed seem to clearly suggest seizure.

I wanted to begin my comment by saying I hope Ms. Branson will make a very quick recovery. I hope Ms. Branson will seek out the medical care she needs and deserves no matter what the cost. I hope that the network which she works at will encourage her to seek immediate medical attention by sending her for medical testing by a doctor and not just a paramedic. She obviously was in distress. Serene I wanted to wish you all the best and hope you recover quickly so I may see you bring us the news once more. You are my second favorite behind Anne Martin who no longer brings us the news. So that makes you number one.

Watching the awards show from my home tv,I wondered what the effect of the intense lighting display would have on people in the audience.I actually found it difficult to watch at times unpleasent and posibbly dangerous for people with seizure disorders.

I saw this video and was shocked to see exactly what happens to me. You know what you are trying to say, but you cannot get it out right - jibberish. People are just ignorant who say that she was drunk. It's OBVIOUS that she was having something neurological going on. She needs to get a good neurologist (which I'm sure she will) get all the tests he orders, and listen to what he says - she'll be ok.

I'm so glad she is doing well. I got kind of worried when I saw that live report. I wish her all the best & I hope she comes back real soon! Good luck Serene, we love ya!

This video sounds just like my aunt,of whom I was her caregiver...she went to the mail box to get the mail and returned talking in gibberish...to hospital...they said she had a stroke or tia.....after a week or two she still had not fully recovered as she should in a typical tia ....I pushed the doctor for more test which revealed she had a benign brain tumor.....SO I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE MISS BRANSON TO SEEK THE BEST MEDICAL CARE SHE CAN.....AND IN ANOTHER 4 MOS. ANOTHER MRI.......I pray all will be well....God Bless!

No comment. Just prayers for Serene

I like turtles.

Gibberish? What gibberish. She very cleary said, "A very very heavy bertation tonight.... we had a very durson.. let's go ahead terratazon those to the bet that had the pet"

Dear Serene,

I'm so glad you have recovered and are doing well.
Blessings from Louisville,Ky.


This miagrain was caused by MSG in food. I have been hospitalized with the same thing, but in alot of pain too. This is my only trigger. MSG is on the label of most packaged food.

As one who endured similar events well over 100 times during a 9 month period, and when examined, no cause was found, I can be very sympathetic to Selene Bransom's condition. I am writing this after it has apparently been determined that her condition was possibly caused by her migraine headaches.

I am only mentioning this because as in my own case, MRI, and Ultrasonic testing revealed no obvious underlying conditions either. I was very frustrated, because when I exited the hospital, with no clear definition of the root causes, and a host of medications which had no positive effects, I continued to experience the same events.

Through my own research I began to suspect mercury poisening, and went through an oral heavy metal chelation process. Within four days of commencing this therapy the attacks stopped, and have not returned...this was in 2007.

These attacks originally began after I had switched suppliers for some medications I was taking, and seemed also to increase in frequency whenver I ate seafood. Hence the suspicion about mercury poisening.

These medications smelled strongly of "rotten fish"..much like the smell of a "reduction plant" which takes fish waste and converts this to fishmeal...a product often used as a "filler" in a variety of products. I subsequently had the medication lab tested, and found it strongly contaminated with mercury.

I have been fine since the chelation therapy, but continue to wonder if others have experienced similar unexplained events.

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