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Justin Bieber returns to his (fake) life of crime on 'CSI' [Videos]


Things just aren’t going Justin Bieber’s way these days: his 3D biopic/concert flick opened second to an Adam Sandler RomCom (like, seriously?) and he went home empty-handed at this year’s Grammy Awards (even thought he arrived in an all-white suit!).  It’s no wonder he’s resorted to a life of mischief … even if it’s in the scripted world of “CSI.”

The teen sensation will reprise his role of troubled teen Jason McCann, whom he played in this season’s premiere.  As any hardcore Bieber fan could tell you, McCann was a young kid whose only older brother was killed by the CSI folks. By the end of his cameo, the Biebs was donning an orange prison jumpsuit and still managed to keep that famous coif intact the whole time.

Now — six days after Bieber’s movie debut with “Never Say Never” and during February sweeps — he’s making a return and warning Nick Stokes (George Eads) of “imminent danger.” But that could just be a warning that Bieber Nation will hack his Wikipedia page

Here are clips of the Biebs from Thursday’s episode. I would advise this kid not to watch, it might be too much to handle.


— Yvonne Villarreal


Photo: Justin Bieber at the Grammys on Sunday. Credit: Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times.

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wow those videos are amazing justin did really good acting!!!!

i think justin beiber is hot

really want to see this!!!

can't believe the day has come when I have to associate justin bieber with CSI
can't wait to get this episode over with

yeaa! im so happy that bieber is gonna be on csi! cant wait! he is soo cute!

great first they kill my guy off!
Now Justin Bieber is in it!

My once favorite show is now ruined.

ii LOVEd jUStin biEbER iN thESE SNEAk pEEkS jUSt AMAqiNE hOW ihtS qUNNAh bEEh tUU-NytE...(:

i love justin bieber i just got finish watching the allstar weekend and i voted 50 times so that he could get mvp and they his team lost but he scored eight but thats ok and he did win mvp he did awsome thats ok that u kept geting bullyed but you'll evenchualy get taller thats ok


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