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'Justified' locks down 'very solid' numbers for FX in Season 2 rollout

Justified FX's lawman drama "Justified" returned for its second season Wednesday with what the network characterized as "very solid" numbers. A total of 3.5 million total viewers tuned in, according to the Nielsen Co.

The data actually contained both good and not-so-good news for the cable network, which is desperately seeking a new hit after some recent efforts (hello, "Terriers"!) misfired. On the one hand, the season premiere was up 42% in total viewers compared with the Season 1 average, which is an encouraging sign of continued fan interest in the show. And "Justified" -- starring Timothy Olyphant as tough lawman Raylan Givens -- was roughly in line with the performance of some other popular FX series, such as "Nip/Tuck," whose Season 2 premiere back in 2004 netted 3.8 million.

On the less promising side? The second season rollout slipped 17% compared with last year's series premiere.

One interesting nugget buried amid the data: "Justified's" audience is nearly two-thirds male. That's important in the world of episodic drama, where females typically rule.

What do you think of "Justified" and its season premiere?

-- Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Timothy Olyphant stars in "Justified." Credit: Prashant Gupta / FX


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I absolutely love this show, and overall thoroughly enjoyed the season premiere. Was a bit disappointed the way the Miami storyline was wrapped up so quickly. I really thought there was still a lot of material there, especially after hearing in the first season finale that the Miami drug lord allegedly had a pet alligator. Was thinking of the possibility of him all set to feed Raylan to his pet when our hero blew the critter away, and a few scenes later our hero would be wearing those 'gators' on his feet. In any case, since it seems like Raylan will be staying put in Kentucky I guess they wanted closure on the Miami connection. Love the new characters, especially Mags and Dickie, and glad that Rachel got some much needed screen time. She and Tim really disappeared last season, hope they are both used more. Already looking forward to episode 2 and beyond.

Fantastic show...great writing and original characters. Glad to see Rachel get more screen time...hope they continue to include her and Tim in future story lines.

My friends and I love the show, a throwback to good actions shows of yesteryear with what looks to be a great story line again this season.

I really like the lady who is playing the country store owner/huff grower...same lady who played a sweet, innocent grandma type on the Miley Cyrus movie. She plays evil here, and I must say does a great job of pulling it off. Nice surprise. Love how she sat there at the kitchen table last week and poisoned the guy, watching him drop dead without so much as a flinch.

Living in and around the South most of my life, many of the character's personality traits are spot on.

Olyphant needs to put on a couple of pounds, but he could have been a real lawman.

Best show on TV period!!! By the way I am female. Acting and story line-GREAT--PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW



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