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Jane Lynch talks about Sue Sylvester's future on 'Glee' and her upcoming memoir

February 4, 2011 |  8:40 am

Lynch Jane Lynch couldn’t give much away in a news conference Thursday, but the “Glee” star promised that the episode following the Super Bowl would be big -- as would what’s in store for Sue Sylvester.

Sylvester will be meaner than usual and viewers will “definitely see Sue Sylvester on the war path,” Lynch told reporters. “Glee” returns from its winter hiatus right after the Super Bowl on Fox this Sunday. “This is a big episode,” she said. “It’s like the Madonna episode” -- in that it was a big undertaking that took more than a month to produce.

Lynch mentioned that Gwyneth Paltrow will be back later in the season. Also, coming later in the season: Sue will -- believe it or not -- join the glee club she appears to despise. Because of something traumatic that happens to her, Sue falls into a depression. She gets wrangled into joining the club as a way to lift her spirits.

Outside of “Glee,” Lynch discussed her forthcoming memoir, which was announced earlier this week. The idea of a book came about after she gave lectures across the country, she said. She took notes, and upon looking through them, decided that within them was a book.

Although her life has had its struggles -- including problems with alcoholism -- her book won’t dwell on the “deep, dark” stuff, she said. Instead, it will be about something she had known earlier in life: There will always be things that cause anxiety, but letting them become overwhelming is, in fact, a choice.

The book, she said, will explore how she came into that realization -- a realization that has not yet dawned on her fictional counterpart. Sue, she said, has a grand view of herself, but she knows her domain doesn’t extend beyond McKinley High School.

Lynch recalled the final episode of the first season. Olivia Newton-John and Josh Groban said they would be flying back to Los Angeles, first-class. “Sue will never go first class, she will never go to L.A.,” Lynch said. “She has grand ambitions, but I think she knows she won’t be anything bigger than a Lima, Ohio, coach and a terror at this high school.”


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-- Rick Rojas