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In Sylvester versus Sawyer, Glee's Matthew Morrison is 'Team Diane'

February 16, 2011 |  2:25 pm

Morrison Sue Sylvester has no shortage of enemies. But Will Schuester (and his fluffy coif) isn’t her only target these days. Fellow short-haired blondie, veteran broadcaster Diane Sawyer, has also met her wrath.

But good ol’ Sawyer isn’t letting it slide.

The two have had a bit of a Twitter feud (in jest, of course … we think) ever since Sue Sylvester, the fictional character on “Glee” played by Jane Lynch, said “I hate you Diane Sawyer.”

And now it seems Sawyer has found the best way to get back at the track suit-clad Sylvester: She’s recruited Matthew Morrison (who plays glee club director Will Schuester) as a supporter of Team Diane

Tsk. Tsk. Doesn’t she know that Sue was once a tambourine player for Wilson Phillips? That’s not something to mess with.

Perhaps this is Sawyer’s way of landing a guest spot on the hit Fox show? After all, her nightly news competitor, Katie Couric, had her time on the show. 

“I love Diane Sawyer,” Morrison told CNN while on the Grammys red carpet on Sunday. “It’s a real possibility that she’ll be on the show.”

Add her to the list.

If true, ShowTrackers, how would you like to see Sawyer incorporated into the show?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Matthew Morrison, who plays Will Schuester on Fox's "Glee," shows his support for Diane Sawyer. Credit: Diane Sawyer's Facebook page