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Super Bowl Ad Tracker: No babies were harmed in the filming of this commercial (we hope)

February 6, 2011 |  5:44 pm

Oooff!'s Super Bowl ad bemoaning a hellish hotel experience hit a soft spot, so to speak. Note to conscientious parent: Stay in a cramped hotel, and it could be your child face-planting a glass window.

In the ad,, a company that finds home rentals for vacations and traveling, features a British-sounding government agent of sorts investigating the horrors of a family trapped in a hotel room. With the accent and the glass-wall room with a family inside, it appears that through their wizardry, they brought the Travelocity gnome to life and merged with it an ad for Windex.

Perhaps, as a follow-up, Windex can come in and clean the window smudged by a baby face.

-- Rick Rojas