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Super Bowl Ad Tracker: No babies were harmed in the filming of this HomeAway.com commercial (we hope)

Oooff! HomeAway.com's Super Bowl ad bemoaning a hellish hotel experience hit a soft spot, so to speak. Note to conscientious parent: Stay in a cramped hotel, and it could be your child face-planting a glass window.

In the ad, HomeAway.com, a company that finds home rentals for vacations and traveling, features a British-sounding government agent of sorts investigating the horrors of a family trapped in a hotel room. With the accent and the glass-wall room with a family inside, it appears that through their wizardry, they brought the Travelocity gnome to life and merged with it an ad for Windex.

Perhaps, as a follow-up, Windex can come in and clean the window smudged by a baby face.

-- Rick Rojas

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So that's what HomeAway.com is. Thanks for clearing that up, Rick.

If the idea of the advert was to promote the growing market of vacation rentals then it missed the point... but if it was simply to cause some outrage and get the HomeAway name known it probably hit the mark... for all the wrong reasons.

Vacation rentals are a great way for families to have wonderful vacations and save a lot of money compared to a more traditional hotel stay. Perhaps the advert should of focused on what vacation rentals offer rather than knocking the competition in this way?

I can't believe that someone was on someone elses payroll for that horrible commercial. So what if it wasn't a real baby, just the insinuated idea was unexcusably repulsive. Does our country need more fuel for the fire of dysfunction? Just because a person has a college degree (advertising) doesn't mean that their works are creative and/or a betterment to society. Well, this is a culture of death anyway but I'll light a candle with an email.


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