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Super Bowl Ad Tracker: GoDaddy.com, how low will they go?

What can be said about GoDaddy.com's Super Bowl commercial starring Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels? Not much. It's an ad designed to elicit pinwheels for eyes and an ahhh-woooga sound effect. And I imagine it'll be successful at that, driving all sorts of clicks to see what happens next.

Do you care? (Be honest, but keep your responses classy, please.) What do you think about GoDaddy's ads, and do you question whether Patrick and Michaels should have signed that contract to begin with?

-- Rick Rojas

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Patrick and Michaels should NOT have signed that contract. GoDaddy's sexist ads have nothing to do with their domain registry services; they just stroke Bob Parsons' ego. But he owns the company, so if he wants to burn his money on expensive ads, he can do so.

Once again, Godaddy disappoints. When will these guys do something creative! Jesus!

The problem with GoDaddy is it's sooo a few years ago. Marketing is only as good as something new... and this isn't new. It looks old, rusty, been there, done that. And that just is sad. A waste of money... Once known for pushing limits, now it just looks old and sad. A mix of classless and tired.

Despite the unending love Volkswagen earned from me with their commercials (there was a lot of empathy for child Darth Vader), I have to say that this commercial was my favorite. It keeps everything about the site itself vague besites the name. The viewer, wondering whether it's online adult entertainment or online poker, looks it up. The fact that it is in fact an internet domain registrar is so unexpected and irrelevant to the commercial that I could not stop laughing for a long while. And honestly, it's not that dirty. Almost everything is implied, nothing more family-unfriendly than bare shoulders. Meanwhile, companies like Skechers were completely tasteless, and far more pornographic in nature. Face it, a few strips of very tight fabric and sensual posing is far lower than some subtle irony and a camraman whose focus is on the face.


I think it is a smart ad campaign by Go Daddy. By using the images of Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels, the ad will generate hundred thousands of clicks. Just a kind of brand ad since go daddy is too famous in the domain and host industry. For Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels, I think the value for the contract should be high.

Well they are 466% increase in domain registrations. source: thedomains.com.

I get that ads are supposed to be manipulative, but these are so crassly obvious that they pull me up short. No way are they going to drive me to their website to "find out what happens next." I'd feel like a fool doing so. Besides, if I want something resembling porn, I'll go to one of 20,000 other trusted old friends.

They are a dating - escort service for rich daddies?


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