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Have Charlie Sheen's doctors OKd his speedy return to 'Two and a Half Men'?

Sheenrain Nothing is official when it comes to Charlie Sheen. But as of right this minute, CBS' "Two and a Half Men" is returning to production Feb. 28. However, it remains unclear whether the addiction specialists treating the actor have signed off on his return to work.

As early reports indicated, Warner Bros., the studio that makes the hit sitcom, will churn out only four more episodes this season, as opposed to the eight originally planned -- marking the second year in a row that Sheen's health problems have led to an episode reduction.

Sheen spokesman Stan Rosenfield referred a call to CBS, and indeed the network was originally slated to make an announcement on Wednesday afternoon. However, after internal debate, studio and network officials decided to remain tight-lipped -- without telling Sheen's camp that the planned statement had been scotched. The network and studio now are planning on saying nothing prior to the show's return. But the crew has been notified and is preparing to go back to work at month's end.

The move came only two days after Sheen gave an interview with radio host Dan Patrick in which he said he was ready to work and was "banging on the stage door" to come back. (Sheen returned with a follow-up chat with Patrick on Wednesday.) However, the interview was probably not the deciding factor for studio bosses and executive producer Chuck Lorre. Instead, they were said to be relying on the word of the addiction specialists treating Sheen that the actor would be good for at least four more episodes. However, Sheen has a long history of relapses, and no one connected to the situation would confirm whether the specialists had actually OKd Sheen's return to work.

"Charlie has always maintained he was ready to come back," Rosenfield wrote in an e-mail when asked whether doctors had approved his client's return.

Does that clear everything up? No? Well, do you think Sheen's ready to come back to work?


Charlie Sheen begs to return to 'Two and a Half Men,' says his sobriety is 'off and on'

-- Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Charlie Sheen in August 2010. Credit: Rick Wilking / Reuters


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Who cares about any of this nonsense? Another overpaid self indulgent celeb living out their tawdry,drug-fuelled sad existences!! If this guy were working in a normal job he'd been fired long ago,why is he being indulged??

@brit, Charlie's a mega celeb and makes his employers millions. THAT'S why he's being indulged. Personally, I'm guessing that he bought his doctors off to let him go back to work. Money talks.

Things would change if the doctors and judges that let these celebs off became responsible for the celebs actions.

Charley is perfect for the show but he's not indispensable, put him on a short rope and look for another actor.

No actor could replace Charlie on Two and a Half Men, talk about jumping the shark!!! Charlie puts all of his efforts to the show when he's taping, but it's true when he's not there he plays hard, that's his life!!! I can't wait for him to get better and go back to the show, the best one on T.V. by far!!!


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