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Charlie Sheen begs to return to 'Two and a Half Men,' says his sobriety is 'off and on'

Sheen So far, CBS has been largely willing to forgive Charlie Sheen's many legal and personal transgressions, but on Monday, he gave the network more reason to worry: During a highly erratic interview on "The Dan Patrick Show," the star, who's currently on hiatus from "Two and a Half Men" so that he can undergo rehab, announced that he was ready to get back to work, though he also admitted that his sobriety has been "off and on." He even suggested that he'd already returned to the set, and was "banging on the stage door" but no one would let him back in. Asked when he was scheduled to return, he replied, "August of 2014 at this pace."

Sheen also addressed his recent outburst during his surprise appearance at UCLA's baseball practice last week. (He'd told the team to "Stay off the crack. Drink a chocolate milk.") There were "rumors that I've had problems with crack, so it just came out of me like poetry. ... [I] said stay off the crack, and I still think that's pretty good advice, unless you can manage it socially, Dan. If you can manage it socially, then go for it, but not a lot of people can." Patrick asked Sheen if he thought he could handle crack. "Yeah yeah," he responded, "but that kind of blew up in my face. Like an exploding crack pipe."

Sheen maintained that he was "100%" clean, but his tone sounded desperate, making pleas to the network to take him back soon. "I heal really quickly but I also unravel pretty quickly," he said. "So get me right now guys."

CBS declined to comment on the interview.

-- Melissa Maerz

 Photo: Charlie Sheen. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press


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Who are you kidding? If Charlie Sheen was not on that show there would be no show at all. What the fat kid and John Crier can survive without Sheen.

Get better Charlie!! Love you and your work. go see Dr. Drew

Sheen deserves credit for speaking candidly on the Dan Patrick Show. Crack addiction can be like a prison with no bars to hold you, only your mind is held hostage. Very dangerous stuff. Best of Luck to him.

The show is great and I have been watching from the start, I dont care if he is trying to kill himself that is his problem , maby the writers can include it when it happens , He just has to mutch money thrown at him wait until he falls into the pit of no return then it will be to late. But I hope he cleans UP.

Wow. If you listen to that interview there is no doubt this guy is strung out. He's sounds like a addict waiting for his phone to ring. Sure hope he's able to clean up.

this fellow is clearly sick. It is a malady and not a strenght moral issue. When someone who is sick as Charli is, he himself may not be able to gauge the level of addiction he is in. He needs help, until he ralizes this, he can not and will not heal. Being busy sometimes will distract you from your malady but it will not go away and may sometimes may, as he says Blow Up in Your Face.

Hey Charlie............get a life. Your going down the toilet. I'm an alcoholic and know exactly where your coming from. Your an addict but you don't want to admit it. Until you do your going to ruin not only your life but any one that loves you. Your show is not worth your life. Get into a solid Rehab facility and stay there for at least 90 days if not more. Unless you do their going to find you in a Hotel room someplace with an OD.

Charlie's PR enabler types must have been out by the pool during this messed up interview.

They should have him return while making him and his character go thru rehab. A sitcom/reality show about both Charlies going thru reality rehab hell.
This while the brother son is slowly turning into the next generation Charlie will be hilarious. Just think of the hell the sitcom brother will go thru trying to help his brother recover while trying to prevent his son from turning into another Charlie.

This man has a long recovery ahead of him, he is no where ready to go back to work and he has to realize that. He is a walking time bomb. How about this idea: Temporarily write Charlie Sheen out of the show, say his character had to go overseas to work on some ads, or whatever his character does on the show, then replace him with another character, perhaps a cousin or a long lost half brother to play against Jon Cryer, etc. That way, Two and a Half Men can continue production, keep the show going and people on the show employed. CBS needs to "bench" Charlie for a time, then hopefully Sheen can come back. We wish him the best of luck in his recovery.

Two and a Half Men, a very funny show with a very sad ending. Time for CBS and Charlie Sheen to go their separate ways. Regardless of how entitled Charlie may feel, he's blown it.

And to think...., People actually worship these hollywad liberals and think they are intelligent, thoughtful, giving and somehow more deserving than the unwashed who pay to see them.

do him a favor - cut him loose

The networks have a responsibility regardless of celebrity namesake or past productions. It comes to the question, Can Charlie be dependable and carry his part entirely on any production?? One cannot blame the company but they have to have more than 'maybe or if' all the time. They have to be certain if they are going to take the risk again with Charlie. Most fair-mined companies would feel the same way..while others would give a blunt "No" to his future services..

Mr. Sheen doesn't deserve one more once of sympathy until he acknowledges his addiction and seeks help for it. Why does society continue to pander to these malcontents who think they are entitled to behave in any way they wish? I am really getting sick and tired of these whiners having their way without consequence. CBS is an accomplice in the destruction of this guy and deserves nothing but our contempt for their amoral behavior and their unbridled zeal at making a buck off of this individual's apparent lack of self-respect and weakness. Two and Half Men? should be recast as Two and Half Crybabies or worse.

Bang harder on the door nextime. We couldn't hear you over the bong rips......

A sad commentary on us. Charlie apparetly has charmed, schmoozed and layed his way through life and we eat it up. We certainly wouldn't want to be on the bad end of his day of reckoning but oh we just eat it up. We love his show, we love him bouncing back from what at the time seems like a debaucle bar none, the guys secretly wish for a crumb of his party life and us gals would be hard pressed to turn life of the party Charlie with manners "on", away. His family must be grieving as must the Douglas family over their lost son. Yet as a collective society we continue to through money Charlie's way, interviews... like what he is saying currently makes any sense. Charlie, if you're reading any of these comments, make the commitment to yourself to get straight. You may have already pissed away a career and a ton of people who really cared and are now surrounded by leeches. Be paranoid and scrape them OFF. Peace out & God Bless.

"If you can manage it socially, then go for it, but not a lot of people can." Hear that, kids? Wise advice that will take you far in life. Go for the crack ifyou can handle it socially. A few thousand more of these incidents, and CBS may start to lose patience with him, no matter how much money he makes for them. So far, the American public seems willin to tolerate pretty much anything if the person is a celebrity. Í haven't liked the show since the kid grew up and became an obnoxious teenager, but that's life.

Whoa, boy! Sheen's not in his strongest suit to return to the show for fear that he might run out of control & in trouble again while taping episodes. He'd rather stay in the actual rehab than get pampered & spoiled at his place a la Hugh Hefner in pajamas. So, H, you bullishly call Angus T. Jones (Jake) the "fat kid." Lighten up, will you?

Charlie who?

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