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Charlie Sheen says there are 'wrongs to be righted' in promo for ABC interview

Sheenabc ABC News has just released a promo for Tuesday's interview with Charlie Sheen that shows the haggard-looking "Two and a Half Men" star saying he's on a drug called "Charlie Sheen."

"I have one speed, one gear: Go!" the actor tells reporter Andrea Canning. "And I dare you to keep up with me."

He adds: "I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen."

In other Sheen news, Deadline.com is reporting that Academy Awards officials have told ABC they don't want the promo aired during Sunday's Oscars telecast, perhaps due to the story's unsavory nature. And TMZ has reported that Sheen wants to shop a tell-all memoir that he intends to sell for at least $10 million.

You can find the link to the ABC promo here.

Will you watch the interview?

-- Scott Collins

Photo: Charlie Sheen talks with ABC's Andrea Canning for an interview that will air Tuesday night. Credit: Reuters



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Yes indeed.

If there were a God, He would make Sheen shut up.

The Oscars tonight were like watching a Porsche get an oil change. Boring.

Charlie Sheen is like watching a high speed train wreck. Exciting.

OF course america will be watching his interview.

Charlie. ok. make a fast buck at the expence of y0ur word. I love your show.. but your taticts leave very little to be desired.. Nothing of honor!! C.Scott, Beverly Hills, CA


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