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Charlie Sheen on 'Today': CBS picked a fight with a warlock, and that warlock wants a raise! [video]

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In his first television interview since he began publicly ranting against CBS, Charlie Sheen took to NBC's "Today" show to deliver yet another message to CBS: "They picked a fight with a warlock," he said. And that warlock was angry: speaking with NBC's Jeff Rosen, he insisted that if CBS wanted him to return to "Two and a Half Men," they'd have to give him a raise from roughly $2 million per episode to $3 million.

"I'm underpaid right now," Sheen insisted. Then he added, "I'm tired of pretending like I'm not special. I'm tired of pretending like I'm not bitchin', a total frickin' rock star from Mars."

Continuing what he has called his "war" with Chuck Lorre, Sheen also pulled out a slip of paper during the interview and read three questions for the executive producer: "Why is it when I was ready to return to work you told me there were no scripts ready to shoot?" he asked.

“Why is it you issued a decree informing me that the remaining eight shows of Season 8 had been reduced down to four, stating as well that Season 8, our highest-rated season to date … was suddenly to halt production two weeks earlier than scheduled?”

“When you were told that the crew would suffer greatly due to your dictatorial laziness, would you please explain what you meant by your statement, 'They are not my problem'?”

Though much of what he called his "violent hatred" was directed toward Lorre, he also saved some for CBS, which he claimed had put him through "psychological distress." He demanded a public apology from the network, insisting that CBS should be "licking my feet."

Once again, Sheen said he was sober, though he also said he rejected the "fiction" of Alcoholics Anonymous and its "5% success rate," preferring instead to treat himself at home. "I close my eyes and make it so with the power of my mind," he said.

Asked if he was worried about relapse, Sheen replied that relapse was only for "fools, trolls, weak, defeated." "They allowed defeat to be an option," he said. "I will not."

-- Melissa Maerz

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Underpaid? You've got to be kidding!!!

Two words come to mind, Charlie:
Gary. Busey.

Well that settles it. Known for his common sense and his ability to say "no thanks, I'm driving," I have no doubt that Mr Estevez will cure himself of his multiple addictions.

Too much crack and D&D

Did you forget to get Charlie Sheen a drug test before you aired the show?
He looked a little whacked out to me-- with his rantings.
You should have made him pee in the bottle before you gave hims the time of day.......

Sheen's behavior is so out-of-control that Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens has his burial plot ready for him. All they need is to carve out the date. Sheen's behavior is typical of peple getting ready to commit sucicide. Oh, yes. He is filled with self-hatred and WILL be dead soon if he doesnt stop his immiture, selfish, narcistic, destructive behavior. This man needs devine intervention and fast!!

two more words come to mind. narcissistic idiot.

Celestia, is that you?

Well, Charlie Sheen's self-obsession is diverting, if nothing else. I can understand why, in the world of greed that the entertainment business is, Sheen would ask for 3million an episode from CBS and its advertisers. What I can't understand is, why the dispute between Sheen and his employers is being waged in the media and fueled by it. Chuck Lorre so far, at least, has managed to remain at arms length from this tinseltown kerffufle. Really, at the end of the day, they all deserve each other...

What an arrogant idiot! He's in such denial and in for a hard road ahead of him. It's hard to have any empathy for such a jerk. I think the Network should just cancel his show and develop another hit with someone who would be more grateful for the opportunity to work. Cancel the show! It has little redeeming qualities.

Man, Charlie looked worked!

That guy is a complete nut!!

Massive ego...self-will run riot. He will go up in a ball of flames. Prepare another cemetery plot. We'll read about him years from now...homeless on the streets of L.A.; babbling that he 'coulda been a contend-ah' all the while inviting the camera to come in for his close-up. Sad. Yet, he seems to be asking for every terrible tragedy that will surely happen to him. We should have no pity for the likes of him. He's certifiably wacko.

Hi Big dog Charlie , I need a job , How about a spec. home built ?

James Jack Smitrh Const. International

"You can't process me with a normal brain"!!! Oh dear......

Now that he is not doing his show he will have more time to hang around with his dad and Sean Penn and discuss how much they hate this country (that made them filthy rich).

Sheen is nothing special. He's just one of a million garden variety drug addicts.

Ironically Charlie, we're tired of pretending you are special.

Two more words: Wack Job!

Special? Yeah, he's special all right. My cat thinks he's a rock star, too.

Cocain's a powerful drug!
-Rick James.

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