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Charlie Sheen hopes to regale his kids with 'epic,' 'gnarly' drug stories

Sheen Charlie Sheen says he'd like to one day tell his five children of his "epic" and "gnarly" drug stories.

During an interview conducted with TMZ's Mike Walters on Monday from the backyard of Sheen's L.A. mansion, he rejected the idea that simply telling his kids not to take drugs would help them stay drug-free. Though he said it was important to teach kids right from wrong, he also admitted that "if my right and my wrong is a little different from everybody else's, then my kids are going to be a little bit different too."

Among Sheen's other revelations were that his father Martin Sheen should stop passing judgment on his behavior and that CBS is paying him too much money (though he told the "Today" show that he deserved a raise).

Everything else can be seen and heard on TMZ, as the Warlock World Tour continues. 

-- Melissa Maerz

 Photo: Charlie Sheen. Credit: Mark Ralston / AFP/Getty Images

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This dude is downright Awesome! Pure Highlarity. Hey Charlie - got any job openings?

Charlie, you can get more with honey than vinegar. Each party has now spewed their passion (Chaim has a generational DNA for survivor ego, he can't help it). Who's the wiser as to what happens behind closed doors. Bypass this inevitable regret and do think about the future of your family or the future will bring grief. It may be a burden now, but you can be the bigger man and get the large bucks. Be the great actor that you are for the greatest role you'll ever play. Best wishes.


Charlie, you are my Great White Father. Your epic wisdom should be taught in the schools, sir. You are what all men in America should aspire to, sir. You should write a book and add it to the Torah, an amendment of sorts, to the Book of Proverbs. Yes, perhaps you could ask your buddy Mel Gibson to write the foreward...yea, yea, and well shoot, I've got a lot of ideas Charlie. Bang! Your "drug", which is you, YOU, is far too powerful for us little people to mitigate through our paltry livers...yes, we're not worthy of you, sir...Fist Up, Charlie...we are there for you!! Bow-Wow-Bang!


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