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Charlie Sheen headed back to work Tuesday despite reported 'tropical vacation'

Charliesheen The studio that makes the CBS hit sitcom "Two and a Half Men" remains committed to resuming production next week - despite the fact that star Charlie Sheen's home-based rehab program seems to be getting crazier by the minute.

Gossip site Radaronline served up two scoops Wednesday, reporting first that Sheen's estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, had moved back in with him, then that Sheen was taking Mueller, his live-in porn star girlfriend Bree Olson and a third woman on a "tropical vacation," itinerary unspecified.

But it may be a fairly short trip. Warner Bros., which makes Sheen's show, has ordered the long-suffering crew back to work next week after an unscheduled one-month layoff. Sheen is due to make his first appearance Tuesday for rehearsals, with a taping on Friday.

So what about that tropical vacation?

"I don't know about that, but if he did go on vacation, he will be back for work on Tuesday," Sheen's manager, Mark Burg, e-mailed Show Tracker.

Stan Rosenfield, Sheen's publicist, said: "Radaronline is not a creditable source."

Meanwhile, Sheen's father, former "West Wing" star Martin Sheen, spoke out publicly about his son for the first time since he entered an unusual home-based rehab program after being hospitalized with stomach pains. "With prayer, we lift him up and we ask for everyone who cares about him to lift him up," Sheen was quoted by ABC News as saying Tuesday.

Sheen's personal travails don't seem to have adversely affected ratings for "Two and a Half Men," which was forced into a hiatus when the star entered rehab late last month. On Monday, a repeat delivered 11.5 million total viewers, winning its time slot, according to the Nielsen Co. It was down a relatively modest 21% compared with last week's original episode, the last before the hiatus.

-Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Charlie Sheen in Las Vegas in 2009. Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.




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Fire this self-entitled delusional fool right now. He's gotten so used to getting obscene amounts of money and is so detached from reality that he needs a slap in the face.

Charlie, you're a pathetic addict with a Napolean complex and the rest of us are tired of watching you self-destruct.

Wait... I thought Martin Sheen was an ATHEIST! Now he is lifting Charlie up with prayer!

It appears the 'prayers' are being ignored by the 'man upstairs'.

Yeah, that Alex Jones is such a good friend of Charlies for providing a forum for Charlie to set the record straight! Very selfless of him!

This is very crazy, for sure; it's as if the team is sabotaging the show; just don't mess with the Rose and Gordon, they are funny. Do they have the series ending episode ready? Or are they just going to use the one they filmed, with his brother Emilio? Just make it funny. Charlie would want it to be so.

Man, Charlie's face and physique are really showing the effects of the excess. Alcohol and drug abuse takes these stars straight from glamourous to down right ugly with no stopping at average. Remember Kathleen Turner? ...... Yeah, nobody does.

Does Martin Sheen ACTUALLY believe lucifer will help Charlie the old brat?

More moonbat lunacy. The only Sheen who seems to have any sense is Emilio. At least he knows how to stay under the loony radar...

More ramblings from a drug-addled waste. Next thing you know he will be running for a public office. And win.

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