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Charlie Sheen headed back to work Tuesday despite reported 'tropical vacation'

Charliesheen The studio that makes the CBS hit sitcom "Two and a Half Men" remains committed to resuming production next week - despite the fact that star Charlie Sheen's home-based rehab program seems to be getting crazier by the minute.

Gossip site Radaronline served up two scoops Wednesday, reporting first that Sheen's estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, had moved back in with him, then that Sheen was taking Mueller, his live-in porn star girlfriend Bree Olson and a third woman on a "tropical vacation," itinerary unspecified.

But it may be a fairly short trip. Warner Bros., which makes Sheen's show, has ordered the long-suffering crew back to work next week after an unscheduled one-month layoff. Sheen is due to make his first appearance Tuesday for rehearsals, with a taping on Friday.

So what about that tropical vacation?

"I don't know about that, but if he did go on vacation, he will be back for work on Tuesday," Sheen's manager, Mark Burg, e-mailed Show Tracker.

Stan Rosenfield, Sheen's publicist, said: "Radaronline is not a creditable source."

Meanwhile, Sheen's father, former "West Wing" star Martin Sheen, spoke out publicly about his son for the first time since he entered an unusual home-based rehab program after being hospitalized with stomach pains. "With prayer, we lift him up and we ask for everyone who cares about him to lift him up," Sheen was quoted by ABC News as saying Tuesday.

Sheen's personal travails don't seem to have adversely affected ratings for "Two and a Half Men," which was forced into a hiatus when the star entered rehab late last month. On Monday, a repeat delivered 11.5 million total viewers, winning its time slot, according to the Nielsen Co. It was down a relatively modest 21% compared with last week's original episode, the last before the hiatus.

-Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Charlie Sheen in Las Vegas in 2009. Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.




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Charlie who?

Charlie needs to get with Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus. Move 'em into his house. Damn the torpedos! Full speed ahead!

Charlie Sheen's ex, Kacey, the one carrying Sheen's baby, Kacey Jordan resembles Heidi Montag, but real, natural, and without the baggage Montag seems to carry everywhere. The irony is Kacey Jordan might get offers from Hollywood like Sasha Grey, whereas Heidi Montag has offended everyone - Recently the film producers and executives in that Jennifer Aniston project that audiences forgot the first week it came out. Heidi is a disaster. Kacey has a market. Maybe her agents should visit her in Pahrump before Harry Reid outlaws prostitution near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thomas Chi

Charlie Sheen lives the life we all dream of. Except for the stomach pains.

The real story here is Sheen's selfishness in regard to the people associated with his show and their families. Every time he shuts down the production because he's "bored with sobriety" he puts countless families in jeopardy, and he does it seemingly with no regret or concern. But then I guess as much should be expected from a man who apparently has no concern for his own family.

Charlie Sheen: please dont get a disease -- your fans love you & want you to live a long time

Either a scheme to gain ratings for his dopy show, or he is a complete degenerate,.. a mindless loser taking the path of least resistance available at the moment.

LoL. Oh no dont do what you want as a millionare cause others might lose their job! Wow really. He's not the CEO of worldcom or enron here folks. He's an actor and the last I checked being a millioare and famouse d to mean you work when you want and ou dont when you dont.

Holly wood is a flaky business and if thats how you make ou living as a set peprosn then you should know what come with the territory.

I think he's on his way to becoming a male Rosanne Barr.

Charlie Sheen is my infowars brother and I wish him all the best. I'm loving the interview he's giving right now. You people can believe all the tabloid lies if you want but I refuse to even read them much less believe them. Good luck Charlie, see you on the battlefield! XPIOLT

I will buy my own plane ticket, PLEASE LET ME PARTY WITH YOU

People need to stop enabling this sick, egotistical man. Tell him that he is not the center of the universe. Maybe if people would stop being so star-struck and tell him the truth, he would get some real help. CBS should just say no to Charlie.

Quite frankly, what Sheen does in his personal life is none of my business. Saw somewhere that CBS is considering doing the show w/out him...yeah right! Just get back to work Charlie.

"Charlie Sheen: please dont get a disease"

HAHA are you serious? This guy has more STDs than a crack-addled street walker. You don't screw dozens of porn stars in a weekend and not walk away with herpes, chlamydia, HPV and UTIs.

Charlie made the studio hundreds of millions, if not billions and there is talk the show might get canceled? What, Hollywood grew a conscious or something? Yah right. Its all about the money folks. If there is any reason to get rid of Sheen its because he went on national radio and declared 9/11 was an inside job and he questioned Obama in a public interview. This is a witchhunt to discredit Charlie. Face it. We dont know Charlie personally, stop judging him or anyone unless you know the person!

Come on, they can try a few episodes without Sheen. They shot a few episodes of Sanford and Sons without Redd Foxx when he had a contract dispute. For Two and a half men they can have Grady move in and just say that Charlie is in St Louis.

Very interesting interview with Charlie Sheen on the Alex Jones show. Sheen sounds mighty strong and raring to go. Sheen also addressed the retarded rumors surrounding him on Mr. Jones show.

If you want to listen to Charlie Sheen uncut and uncensored, then search Youtube for the latest interview between Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones, because you just can't rely on mainstream media to give you any semblance of truth anymore. Mainstream media is dead. It has no pulse anymore.

Funniest show on TV. Consistent laugh out loud hilarity, something all too rare on the tube these days.

Let Charlie alone to live his life his way. He already chose to give up his family life and kids. How is it your business if he wants to purchase sex instead of dealing with phony gold diggers?

As long as Charlie stays as far away from the very offensive & hostile 12-STEP RELIGIOUS CULT he'll do just fine!

The whole Alex Jones Show today just sounded like a bunch of stoners. How sad!

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