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Charlie Sheen calls Chuck Lorre an 'AA Nazi,' says he's 'at war' with 'Two and a Half Men'

February 25, 2011 |  1:51 pm

Sheen2 Charlie Sheen has a message for the cast and crew who might be losing their jobs on "Two and a Half Men," a show he referred to as a bad-joke-filled "pukefest that everyone worships": "Be patient. Get focused. We are at war. And there are ways to deal with these clowns and take all their money."

On Friday, Charlie Sheen appeared on FOX Sports Radio's "Loose Cannons" program to speak with host Pat O'Brien about the future of his hit show. Asked what happened with "Two and a Half Men" -- the show was suspended after Sheen trashed executive producer Chuck Lorre on multiple radio shows -- he said, “They kept getting up in my grill, kept telling me how to live my personal life, [I’m] saying, 'Back off, back off,' and they wouldn’t.”

Sheen specifically complained about the judgment of Lorre and his collaborator Lee Aronsohn. “These guys are a couple of AA Nazis and just blatant hypocrites," he said. "They just do not practice what they preach. It’s so transparent and so sad." (Lorre has been open about his own battles with substance abuse.)

Sheen insisted that, despite the show's suspension, he'd still fight to get paid. “Defeat is not an option," he said. "They know what they did was wrong; they are in absolute breach [of contract]. I did nothing wrong. I expressed an opinion, I have the First Amendment and I have an army marching behind me, to quote Eminem.”

“I put a billion dollars in the studio’s pockets and I put half a billion dollars in Chuck’s pocket," he added. "So this is the ... thanks I get?" But he also seemed relieved that the show might be dead. "It's been a toxic environment for eight years," he said. "I feel like an unwelcome relative being given cold coffee at 8:00 every night.”

O'Brien told Sheen that many people want him to succeed and go back to acting normal. “I’m not normal," Sheen replied. "And they’ve never gotten their mind around that… If people want me to succeed, they should find the most comfortable chair in their ... house and lean back, open a beer and watch the show, because it’s about to get really gnarly."

Sheen reaffirmed that he was "100%" sober during the interview, though he also acknowledged that it would be hard for people to test him, as he’s out in the Bahamas on a boat, surrounded by water.

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: Charlie Sheen. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press