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Charlie Sheen calls Chuck Lorre an 'AA Nazi,' says he's 'at war' with 'Two and a Half Men'

Sheen2 Charlie Sheen has a message for the cast and crew who might be losing their jobs on "Two and a Half Men," a show he referred to as a bad-joke-filled "pukefest that everyone worships": "Be patient. Get focused. We are at war. And there are ways to deal with these clowns and take all their money."

On Friday, Charlie Sheen appeared on FOX Sports Radio's "Loose Cannons" program to speak with host Pat O'Brien about the future of his hit show. Asked what happened with "Two and a Half Men" -- the show was suspended after Sheen trashed executive producer Chuck Lorre on multiple radio shows -- he said, “They kept getting up in my grill, kept telling me how to live my personal life, [I’m] saying, 'Back off, back off,' and they wouldn’t.”

Sheen specifically complained about the judgment of Lorre and his collaborator Lee Aronsohn. “These guys are a couple of AA Nazis and just blatant hypocrites," he said. "They just do not practice what they preach. It’s so transparent and so sad." (Lorre has been open about his own battles with substance abuse.)

Sheen insisted that, despite the show's suspension, he'd still fight to get paid. “Defeat is not an option," he said. "They know what they did was wrong; they are in absolute breach [of contract]. I did nothing wrong. I expressed an opinion, I have the First Amendment and I have an army marching behind me, to quote Eminem.”

“I put a billion dollars in the studio’s pockets and I put half a billion dollars in Chuck’s pocket," he added. "So this is the ... thanks I get?" But he also seemed relieved that the show might be dead. "It's been a toxic environment for eight years," he said. "I feel like an unwelcome relative being given cold coffee at 8:00 every night.”

O'Brien told Sheen that many people want him to succeed and go back to acting normal. “I’m not normal," Sheen replied. "And they’ve never gotten their mind around that… If people want me to succeed, they should find the most comfortable chair in their ... house and lean back, open a beer and watch the show, because it’s about to get really gnarly."

Sheen reaffirmed that he was "100%" sober during the interview, though he also acknowledged that it would be hard for people to test him, as he’s out in the Bahamas on a boat, surrounded by water.

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: Charlie Sheen. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press


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Two and a Half Men, my mother loves Charlie Sheen, loves the show, loves the cook, mother, and just got off the phone to tell me. She claims my aunt, a very busy aunt who has two jobs, also makes time in her day to watch Two and a Half Men. Nothing else - not CNN, comedy, news, my aunt simply adores Charlie Sheen. He is playing himself. And I wouldn't know, because my mother watches the program - I don't. Keeping up with the news around globe, especially world business, I watch the news, but my mother reports to me and she has been talking about nothing but Charlie Sheen this week, so he must be doing something right, a lot of tremendous things right, and making the studio he works for a lot of money off this show, Two and a Half Men.

Marin Hinkle is gorgeous. She could have her own show. For the few times I have watched the show while visiting family members obsessed with Charlie Sheen, I have witnesses this dove sky from the clouds, and the angels name is Marin Hinkle. She adds chemistry to the characters. Marin Hinkle is stylish, funny, provocative, I guess - And maybe I am wrong - Hinkle is the female version of the Sheen character?

Over the years, Denise Richards have been a disaster. Met her at a Starbucks in West Hollywood a few years ago. She was kind. Nice to fans. But what she has done recently on reality TV, The View, what a disaster. Does she need help? I would love to help her. Like I said, she was very nice to the people I was with at Starbucks, but she needs to use that talent. As I said to friends recently at lunch in Denise Richards defense, "She was a Bond girl?" How many actors in Hollywood can say they starred as a girl good enough for James Bond? Now what is Richards doing? Answering questions about Charlie Sheen. He should be answering questions about his ex- Denise Richards. Richards husband is in a sense, "Stealing her thunder!" Come on Denise, lets go to Odin and get the thunderbolt back. You can do better than that reality TV show fluff you tried to market, can't you?

Thomas Chi

wow, who does he think he is. I won't watch the show anymore.

It is really sad when fame and fortune lets you destroy yourself without any one stopping you. This man is obviously very disturbed and it will only end with his death if someone doesn't stop him. His behavior is a cry for help. Don't know what happened in his life to lead him to this destructive behavior, but someone needs to step in. He is just committing a slow suicide.

As a long-time member of AA, I want to personally thank Charlie Sheen for reminding me of what some of the AA slogans actually mean. When I first joined AA, they told me this expression, "everyone can see the spot on your forehead except for you." That simply meant that everyone around me could see how insane my words and actions were while I was drinking except me. When I told them that the problems I faced were more difficult than anyone elses, and that I didn't really belong in the rooms because I was a self-respecting business man who wore a suit to work everyday, they told me that I suffered from "terminal uniqueness."

When I told them that my company had no right to fire me and that my wife is being crazy for threatening to leave me, they told me that I had the "it's everyone else's fault except mine" attitude.

Charlie, you've lost your job, your spouses, your children, and the respect of most of your fans due to drinking and drugging. When the money dries up (and that could happen to you sooner rather then later) how long do you think the porn queen and the pot magazine cover girl are going to stick around? Isn't it time to start being honest with yourself and others? After all, all you had to do to keep your dream gig on Two and a Half Men was to show up and gracefully accept the help that they offered you time and time again (no one ever was willing to fly me to a rehab center when it was time for me to stop).

Believe it your not Charlie, we here at AA are not your enemies. In fact, we pray that you either embrace the AA program (all it takes is an open mind a little honesty and humility) or find another effective treatment. We pray that everything works for you and your loved ones for the best.


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