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Super Bowl Ad Tracker: CareerBuilder has chimps! Driving a car!

The chimps are back in action, appearing once again in the Super Bowl ads for CareerBuilder. The job-search website has made stars of suit-wearing chimpanzees for its Super Bowl ads. And this year, they're behind the wheel of a car!

Thanks to the recession, job hunting hasn't been a laughing matter of late. So you have to give props to a website charged with helping people find a job for having a sense of humor.

Plus, chimps pretending to be people -- it's always a win! If these animals didn't have a reputation for brutally attacking their owners when kept as house pets, I would have one. And he would, of course, be wearing a suit.

What did you think? Does CareerBuilder's ad this year hold up against previous years' ads, and how does it stand in the pantheon of Chimps As People?

-- Rick Rojas

Here, from YouTube, is a compilation of previous year's ads. If you too have the type of sophomoric humor that finds chimpanzees in the workplace as the source of a rollicking laugh, watch this -- and LOL.

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This ad is patently offensive and I would like to know who was behind it. By that, I mean the ad agency, and ultimately the people who green-lighted out.

i don't think i have ever laughed so hard in my life!!!

You mean there are jobs out there to be searched?

C'mon Career Builder--couldn't you come up with anything more creative than this? In addition to this ad being pathetically uncreative, it's harmful. It is spreading the notion that chimpanzees, who are intelligent, sensitive animals, are nothing more than hairy little men who exist so we can laugh at them. These animals are taken from their mothers as babies, dominated and beaten into submission, and deprived of everything that's natural to them just to pimp someone's dubious product. It's shameful and I hope that careerbuilder will come out of the stone age and join the many companies and ad agencies that have pledged never again to use great apes in their ads because it's wrong and it's just not funny any more.

This kind of advertising does not take into consideration the long term harm done to the chimpanzee actors, which is why unlike the CareerBuilders ad producers, 15 of the largest advertising agencies in the United States have agreed to stop using chimpanzees in advertising. These very intelligent, sentient apes used in entertainment (or as pets) are taken from their mothers when only a few months old; hand-reared by humans; trained with sometimes brutal methods; and then, after only 6 - 8 years in the entertainment or pet trade, discarded because they become to big, too strong and too willful to reliably perform on command. They are then sold to unaccredited roadside attractions or worse, to biomedical testing facilities. No accredited zoos will take them, as human-reared apes do not have the natural ape socialization skills to integrate successfully into zoo populations. From the road-side attraction and biomedical lab, it's a short, lonely and painful life for these poor creatures. While CareerBuilder states that the juvenile apes used in their new ads were well treated during the creation of the ads, their exploitation is still shameful. After they've sold CareerBuilder to the public, and are "retired" from the entertainment industry, where do these apes go to live out the rest of their 45 - 50 years of a natural life span? And even more to the point, when these apes are exploited to sell a company, dressed in suits on national TV, it gives the impression that they are not an endangered species ... and the general public, seeing them frequently, and dressed as humans, begins to feel these creatures are not on the brink of extinction. We see them all the time on TV ... how can they be? Shame on CareerBuilders for knowingly reviving this travesty. Shame on us for allowing them to.

Ok the 2011 career builder ad was not as funny as previous years; but glad they brought the monkeys back!! Thanks for the compilation video to compare.

RA: They didn't bring "the monkeys back." Aside from the fact that chimpanzees are not monkeys, the animal actors used by CareerBuilder are a new generation of abused apes.
The chimps used in the earlier commercials are now adolescents and too old to perform. They are fortunate in that they are now in a sanctuary where they will be cared for the rest of their lives -- and that could be 40 or more years. Their care is made possible by private donors, not by the people and companies who profited from them.
So what about the chimps who were used in the CareerBuilder ad? Who knows what will become of them when they are too dangerous to use in front of a camera? There are not a lot of options for them. Perhaps the CareerBuilder and its ad agency would like to set up an endowment for their care. Figure about $15K each ... per year ... for 40-50 years ought to do it.

Few things disgust me more than greedy corporations that thoughtlessly exploit innocent animals for profit, especially such intelligent and social ones as our virtual genetic brothers, the chimpanzees.
Although many companies seem to be getting the word, there are still some clueless ones like CareerBuilder who continue to support the cycle of neglect and abuse that chimps suffer at the hands of humans.
Haven't you heard of what happens to the young chimps (and only young ones are used) after they've finished making those idiotic commercials with them? They get too strong and are thoughtlessly discarded, in laboratories, roadside zoos, or a lucky few might make it to sanctuaries where hardworking and caring organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for the lifetime's care each one requires.
So I have to say, CareerBuilder, this to you. GET WITH IT! Thinking 21st century humans know now to NOT exploit their fellow animals for commercial gain. What's wrong with you? Why don't you get it?
Please see the HSUS blog for more info at http://hsus.typepad.com/wayne/2011/02/mistreatment-of-chimpanzees-is-no-joke.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+typepad%2Fhsus%2Fwayne+%28Wayne+Pacelle%3A+A+Humane+Nation%29
Thanks for nothing,
~David Bernazani

I enjoyed reading your post. I'm not surprised when animals are used to attract peoples interest. Dogs are being used by real estate agents. They're charming and will only cost a bowl of food.


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