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'American Idol': What was that Steven Tyler apology about?

Tyler You didn’t have to wait long for the apology for Steven Tyler's "outrageous behavior" that Ryan Seacrest had promised his radio listeners they'd see on Wednesday night’s "American Idol."

Before even the opening sequence rolled, there it was, white letters on a black background:

Card 1: “American Idol would like to apologize for last week’s outrageous behavior by Steven Tyler.”

Card 2: “Mr. Tyler has been warned and assures us it will never happen again.”

Cut to …

A contestant named Jake Muck walking onto the audition stage in Austin, Texas.

Tyler: You know what Muck rhymes with, don’t you?

Muck: Duck?

Tyler: Read my lips.

And then the “Idol” opening sequence kicked in.

Was it a joke? Was there more to come? Seacrest had said it would all become clear if viewers watched to the end of the show.

But judging from the response on Twitter, nothing was clear.

“American Idol Apology: A Fake Apology from Idol Producers?” tweeted AngelaAyles.

“Anyone, I gotta know, why the apology for Steven Tyler at the top of the show?” pleaded IHilldog.

We watched the whole show, and still we’re baffled. Was it a publicity stunt to boost ratings? A joke? Are producers worried that the show this season is not exciting enough on its own?

Or was it … serious? Did they actually get an onslaught of angry mail from viewers ticked off about all those rhymes-with-Muck utterances on last week’s show? And if so, was “Idol” seriously responding to those concerns, or wryly thumbing its nose at them? All explanations are equally mystifying.

Are we missing something? Do you have a theory? If so, please share it.

-- Amy Reiter

Photo: Steven Tyler. Credit: Tony Duran / Fox

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I thought they were serious until they did the muck deal and then it became clear that had they been serious that they would not have shown that clip..

Has anyone else thought of this?
Why would they apologise for last weeks behavior and "warn"
Steven Tyler for something taped months ago, AND if Im not mistaken
I doubt Steven Tyler is in control of the edit dept.
Of they didnt like something they would have cut it out.

Steven just can't help it - any girl that walks out on stage and is remotely attractive gets the up and down and the looks and/or comments that require an apology... but you gotta love him, like I said, he just can't help it...

I'm still dumb founded... Don't get it...

I am disturbed with the lack of sensitivity to family values with your new judge, Steven Tyler, on American Idol. It has been refreshing to have the two new judges but I am concerned with perhaps this year you are allowing the "pushing the edge of the envelope." Please keep it "family friendly." Beverly Johnson

Muck rhymes with duck. What is the big?

Starting to look like Idol is less about the contestants and more about Steven Tyler and his bizarre behavior. And didn't I read somewhere that JLo is jealous because Tyler is on camera more than she is? Watta load...

Well, it was just a joke. But it also served to brand Steven as an outrageous judge so people will tune in to see him.

It is a good idea to state exactly why you are apologizing, just so that the person knows you are ready to acknowledge your mistake.

It didn't take long for the train to hit the wall.

helloooo...it was a joke. This was pre-recorded and edited, not live. They wouldn't have put it in and then ask him to apologize. And people get a life...Steven Tyler is a rock star! What do you want him to do? Act like Mr. Rogers? Let him be his outrageous self, that is who he is, and I personally love him for it and think the show is a lot better because of him.

I literally laughed out loud after that inro. It was Great! I agree Yvonne, if Idol was so concerned, they would edit out all the scenes that needed to be bleeped, but they choose not to. Tyler is refreshingly funny! I don't think they got an onslaught of angry emails either. I think they were responding to some of you "Critics" that are more concerned about his language and antics than the Fans. Everywhere I read, the fans are very supportive of Steven!

It's not like Tyler's the first to be bleeped on the show or look female contestants up and down. Simon Cowell notoriously commented on the females' body shapes... good and bad. At least we don't have to listen to the horrendous comments he would make about any female that was over his approved weight limit. Now THAT was inexcusable! I think the issue with Steven is that he looks at the girls in a more lurid way... but he seems to be cleaning that up a little.

"k", where have you been these past nine seasons?!? The problem with Idol was that it became more about Simon and Paula and less about the contestants. This season they are showing Far more about the contestants and less about the judges. It's the Perfect mix!

Steven Tyler makes the show! If you want bland, you've got J Lo and Randy. At least Steven can sing. I'd like to see J Lo belt out a song at a contestant's request! Ha ha ha! As far as I'm concerned, she a whining, camera hogging diva! You rock, Steven Tyler! I love you!

Steven Tyler makes the show worth watching!He's quick witted and hilarious!Let him rock, that's what he does! He's got more talent in his little finger than the other two judges combined! I love you, Steven! Rock on!

He looks like an old woman.

When Idol booked Steven Tyler for the season they knew what they were getting. With the onslaught of rock and rollers competing for the coveted title, Steven is a refreshing addition to the panel, as is J Lo. Keep on rocking Idol, you're doing good

What the h-ll? Apologize for being the most charismatic person ever to appear as an Idol judge? If you want bland, you've got Jennifer, and who is Randy? I'd like to see either one of them belt out a song at a contestant's request, like Steven has done! He's the only judge that can sing, has a wonderfully witty personality, and is fine, fine, fine! The show is better for having him on it! Rock on, Steven! I love you! ( As do millions! )

It's called a ratings booster. Idol wants to create a buzz, billing Tyler as the new Paula Abdul. What will he say next, I'd better watch and see.

Hard to believe his skanky sperm produced Liv Tyler. But he is funny.

I hear they are considering bringing Ricky Gervais on as a 4th judge ..


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