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'American Idol' lets viewers vote online for the first time through Facebook

AmericanIdol After 10 seasons, "American Idol" is finally making nice with the Internet: On Thursday, Fox announced that for the first time, the show will allow viewers to vote for their favorite contestants at  americanidol.com, as well as by text-message or phone. Each fan may cast up to 50 total online votes for that evening's performances, though everyone must have a valid Facebook account to qualify. (Voters will need to log on to Facebook in order to cast their ballots.) Online voting starts Tuesday, immediately after the first performance — too late to help poor Chris Medina. We hope Mark Zuckerberg wasn't a big fan!

— Melissa Maerz

Photo: Steven Tyler, left, Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson on "American Idol." Credit: Michael Becker / Fox.

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This is one of the interesting program I watch. Nice to here that they are in facebook now.

I would give Chris Medina another chance, because i find him a better singer then those who were selected.

Doesn't matter to me because I never vote. I DVR almost everything so I can watch when I want and zap commercials. But I wouldn't vote anyway even if I watched live because the voting is rigged.

I am Stephen Ferguson , from the Bahamas and i watch american idol every season from start to finish and its sad how you guys dont pick the very best singers the show is the same every year now seen them one seen them all and always wanted to ask the question why every year there is more whites then blacks on your shows and not only amarican idol but all the other shows


Best oening season show ever!!!!!!

Jacob should be recording NOW. Cases great Scotty

I you know anything about voices and music then Jacob,Robbie(on past performances), Casey,the rest hard to pick. I have to agree that the music is louder then the singer, something doesnt sound right.

I don't do twitter or facebook but tried to just log in but couldn't vote WHY??????????????????

Scotty is amaseing i love his voice and if he had a album i would buyit as soon as it hit the shelves thank you scoty .

I just want to say one thing about AMERICAN IDOL!!! That's just what it is, AMERICAN IDOL, not SPANISH IDOL!!! I totally DO NOT agree with the Karen girl, this is AMERICA, where the OFFICIAL LANGUAGE is ENGLISH!!!!

i really like american idol i watch it every time it is on and i dont know how to vote i want to vote for scott if yall can help me please then i can vote for scott


Last night Casey sang Joe Cocker and gave the best performance that idol ever had

I agree with Suzy, it's an American idol, english songs should be the theme or else, it's not an American idol, If you want to sing Spanish or another language then It doesn't apply. Nothing wrong If you love to sing Spanish but She (Karen) maybe has to think twice, She should join Spanish Idol not American Idol.

This has to be the best season, not only are the contestants great, but LOVE the judges!! I love American Idol, have been a big fan since season one.

love the show song choice will make or brake them for sure Love to here the voice what it can do . that will be a big part of a star . would like to see songs like from the 30s and 40s would be interesting if they could stay true to the genration and put their own spin on it we just keep watching good job judges

Casey's hair looks so much better.
Enough balleds,lets hear something different now.Enough blue's also!!

I love American Idol been wacthing from the time you first started the show...My favorite show!

james you rock man!I think you should do something with fire evry time because its just your tipe.Once agen you rock the house.Rock on yaaah!

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