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About (Late) Last Night: Ed Helms talks to Conan O'Brien about baring his 'naughty bits'



Monday night, Ed Helms stopped by "Conan" to promote his new movie, "Cedar Rapids," but one subject predominated the conversations: Helms' derriere. In the comedy, Helms plays an insurance salesman who heads to the titular Iowa city for a debauched convention. One scene calls for Helms' character to bare almost-all when a towel unexpectedly drops from his waist. Naturally, the nude scene was pressing on O'Brien's mind. "I couldn't help but notice that you expose your buttocks. Let's get this on the table," he said. Helms didn't miss a beat. "Let's get my buttocks on the table right away," he agreed.

For Helms, appearing in the buff was less humiliating than the legal wrangling over said nudity. The actor shared with the "Conan" audience his "nudity waiver"-- the contract which, as Helms put it, "delineates in legalese every nuance of your body which will be shown." Not surprisingly, the contract is both absurd and hilarious -- especially because it was, apparently, written by a lawyer with his or her own comedic aspirations (hint: the waiver includes a precise definition for the term "naughty bits.") At the risk of offending more delicate readers, we can't reprint too much of the interview here, but it's worth a watch. 

-- Meredith Blake

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Oh, this was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Conan was not sure what to say because it seemed so embarasing for Ed. I love when Conan took the paper from Ed just to see if it was really true, and showed it to the camera he was in such disbelief. I was watching last night on my HD DISH Network employee service from home because I had the night off. I wish I could watch in HD from home every night. Oh, wait, yes I can with my HD DVR from DISH Network. It records up to 55 hours of HD content. I hope Conan is on TBS for many years to come. I love his edgy wit and hip comedy.


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