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About (Late) Last Night: Dr. Phil thinks Conan O'Brien is 'highly sexualized' [Video]

February 16, 2011 |  9:06 am


Is Conan O'Brien a sex fiend? According to the always reliable Dr. Phil, the answer is yes. Tuesday night, the tough-talking self-help guru stopped by "Conan" to share some of the wisdom he's gleaned from 34 years of wedded bliss.

"You gotta keep the sizzle going," said Dr. Phil, who added that he's skeptical about the Valentine's Day tradition: "If you have to be reminded one day a year to romance your honey, you're in a lot of trouble the other 364." He said thinks that the holiday is a conspiracy "invented by FTD," which sounds about right -- but he forget to mention that "relationship experts" are in on it too.

Dr. Phil told O'Brien about the first date with his wife. "She's a real chow hound," he said, so he brought her two eclairs (Dr. Phil pronounces it "EEE-clairs"), one for that night, one for the following morning. "I know how to work women."

When O'Brien wondered if there was a way to tell if someone is romantic or "highly sexual," Dr. Phil asked to see his hand. "I want to see the eclairs first," O'Brien joked.

Dr. Phil examined O'Brien's hands and concluded, "Yep, you're definitely a trollop." O'Brien's third finger is longer than his pointer finger which, Dr. Phil explained to his host, "means you are highly sexualized,  you're more likely to have a lot of sexual partners, you're also more likely to cheat. It's growing as we speak."

Dr. Phil's somewhat absurd explanation was that O'Brien had probably been born in a "testosterone storm." This meant he ought to "be a breeder." Not surprisingly, O'Brien was skeptical. "This all sounds like very sound medical wisdom," he said sarcastically.

"It's very sound medical advice," Dr. Phil reassured him. "There will be fights over this before these people are out of the audience today." Let's hope he's wrong.

So, what did you think? Any other trollops out there?

-- Meredith Blake