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Who should replace Regis Philbin? [Poll]


When we look back on the summer of 2011, scientists, sociologists and wise men everywhere will no doubt label it the end of the Regis Era. After 40 years on TV and 28 on "Live With Regis and Kathie Lee/Kelly," Regis Philbin is planning to pack it in. But he claims the show will live on with out him, which means a replacement must be found.

Who will fill Regis' bar chair? The search is probably only just beginning behind the scenes, but it's never too early to start campaigning for your favorite TV personality. So make your voice heard. Whom do you want to see co-hosting the show every morning with Kelly Ripa?


— Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Bill O'Reilly, left, talks to Regis and Kelly during a 2004 appearance on "Live With Regis and Kelly." Photo credit: Associated Press.

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Oh, so that's what Ricky Gervais was doing the other night --

I'm for anyone who can ask a question and then actually let it be answered without interuption - unlike Regis who seems to interupt every few seconds.

Regis you will be missed. I will never forget coming to seeing
you when we came to visit our niece. We have see you several
times and hope to see you this Spring.
Donna .El Dorado, Arkansas

Regis, You will be missed. My sister and I have been to your show
several times and really enjoyed seeing you and Kelly. Hope you
have a wonderful time in the future. Donna Wren

Mark Consuelos is great but they might run out of TV appropriate talk. Anderson Cooper is good....Howie Mandel is AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. NO to any on the list you have, you must be kidding. I'll miss the ND info, gonna miss Regis.

I only watch the show when Anderson Cooper is co-host!

I think Tony DeAnza would make a good replacement - He has the same sincerity persona that Regis has - also a NYer
Also like Mark Consuelos, and last but not least Anderson Cooper

Of course no one can replace Regis - he is a treasure

None of the above. If they'd ever leave their night jobs, I'd pick Craig Ferguson or Jimmy Kimmel over anyone on this list (Anderson Cooper would be good, too). Ferguson's and Ripa's quick wit during the 20 minute opening would be highly entertaining, I think. Both are also pretty good at interviewing people. Her husband is good as a fill-in, but not as a permanent host. Updates on their family life are OK, but not as ongoing banter between them...day after day, week after week. No matter who they get, there's no one like Regis. Gonna miss the old Fighting Irishman.

Jimmy kümmel no doubt

I agree with John, RON CORNING should replace Regis!

Alec Baldwin --he's done with 30 Rock -he's from NY its perfect

Frank and Kathi Gifford of Course..or Mabee Cody and Cassidy

Not a great selection...Jeff Probst or Neil Patrick Harris, they've both got good chemistry with Kelly.

Kyle Brandt!

Kyle Brandt would be perfect! He's the perfect age, devastatingly handsome, appeals to the daytime t.v. crowd (he was on Days of Our Lives afterall) and he has tons of hosting experience!

I think Kelly and Anderson Cooper would be amazing to watch!

His time has come, just like #4 of the Vikings(Brett Favre). I think when time has come and people are in show business or sports, ONE never knows when to retire. But who could blame them, because the networks or sports teams are to blame and they keep paying these long over due RETIREES..

Her husband mark isn't even an option? I don't like any of the suggestions. She and mark have great chemistry and mark always tells great stories. I love it when he is on. Bryand Gumbel is too boring. Ryan and Anderson are too busy with other jobs. It's a no brainer for me. I would become a regular viewer if Mark is the one.

Betty White and Kelly would be the best show ever

I would love to see Bryant Gumbel repalce REGIS. He WAS GREAT ON THE TODAY SHOW and would be great on this showm Maybe would should replace Kelley with Jane Psuly. They were a great pair

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