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Who should replace Regis Philbin? [Poll]


When we look back on the summer of 2011, scientists, sociologists and wise men everywhere will no doubt label it the end of the Regis Era. After 40 years on TV and 28 on "Live With Regis and Kathie Lee/Kelly," Regis Philbin is planning to pack it in. But he claims the show will live on with out him, which means a replacement must be found.

Who will fill Regis' bar chair? The search is probably only just beginning behind the scenes, but it's never too early to start campaigning for your favorite TV personality. So make your voice heard. Whom do you want to see co-hosting the show every morning with Kelly Ripa?


— Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Bill O'Reilly, left, talks to Regis and Kelly during a 2004 appearance on "Live With Regis and Kelly." Photo credit: Associated Press.

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Willie Geist

Kelly should co-host with her husband, Mark. They have already done it many times before. I will miss Regis so much. He is a legend.

Terrible options in the poll! I like when Mark Consuelos fills in except when they spend too much time bickering. David Duchovny is my favorite sub, he has a great, wry sense of humor and he joked just the other day that he was gunning for Regis' job. But it would have to be someone NY-based, like Alec Baldwin.

Pee Wee Herman

Ryan Seacrest already has a day and night job. Don't care for the rest of the options. Regis is in a class by himself. He is a curmudgeon and lovable. At his age, he deserves to spend quality time with his friends and wife and family.

The replacement has to have a huge sense of humor, and a stylistic way of interview. The whole dynamics of Regis and Kelly is that he takes her with a grain of salt, probably because he could be her father. Do we want another older gent? Or someone who will be in competetion with a very opinionated and assertive Kelly? Maybe its a no win situation.

Howie Mandel

Charles Barkley.

Ron Corning!

its a no brainer: Mark Consuelos

Anderson Cooper will be the permanent replacement. It's already been decided.

Mark Consuelos. Current fans of the show will keep watching and other new viewers might be intrigued by the marital matchup. Even if not married, they make a good on-camera duo.

Not sure why I felt compelled to post.

Her husband is the only choice love them together

I would vote for anyone but her HUSBAND!

Mark Consuelos?
His only claim to fame is being Mr. Rippa! ;-)

I've seen many of the guest hosts over the years. The only one I enjoyed watching is Jeff Probst. Vince Vaughn was pretty funny too, but that's not happening.

Bring back Kathie Lee!

Anderson Cooper

Need a NY guy with an NY 'tude....Alex Baldwin!

Can't think of anyone who would overcome my dislike of Kelly Ripa. I stopped watching when she started on the show.

I think Bryant Gumbel does the best job of filling in for Regis. . . He's the most experienced, the funniest, the smartest, and the most confident and relaxed of any co-host. Bryant seems more intelligent than anyone else who sits in, and runs the tightest show. And he has sex appeal.

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