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Tweeters' Digest: What TV celebs tweeted during the State of the Union speech

Vinny It takes a special kind of celebrity to let go of their daily self-promotional twitter rituals and involve themselves in the political news of the day. Here's what a handful of actors, commentators and reality stars tweeted last night:

Vinny Guadagnino, "Jersey Shore" (@VINNYGUADAGNINO)

I think at the #sotu, if the president just got up there and said "We're [expletive]" he'd get more votes. Hey at least he'd be telling the truth.

Tim Roth, "Lie to Me" (@TimRothLieToMe)

Funny thing in state of the union... Dens and GOP...are all sitting mixed for the first time.. AWKWARD!!?

Michael Ian Black, "Reno 911" and "Backwash" (@michaelianblack)

People seem to like the president a lot better to his face. #sotu

Lo Bosworth, "The Hills" (@LoBosworth)

Nice to see everyone in Congress so friendly for a change. Maybe we'll actually get something done!

John Hodgman, "Bored to Death" (@hodgman)

I always thought Boehner's tan was a vanity issue. But now I realize that it's leather chair camouflage.

Michael Ian Black

Hey Biden, I will give you $10,000 if you pick your nose right now. #sotu

Lisa Gastineau, "The Gastineau Girls" (@lisagastineau)

Remembering the American Dream-and all of its possibilities-Both of my parents were children of immigrants,Russia and Sicily-

Adam Baldwin, "Chuck" (@adamsbaldwin)

"Prom-seating" at #SOTU seems to have dampened all of the applause moments. No raucous cheering from any bloc...

Adrienne Maloof, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (@AdrienneMaloof)

I personally think it's important to keep the hope - and I think that the #SOTU focused on positivity, motivation and forward-thinking.

Bill Maher, "Real Time with Bill Maher" (@billmaher )

Obama: "We do big things" - inspirational, sure, but,um, what was the last one?

Michael Ian Black

My prediction for Republican response: "I loved it! Wouldn't have changed a thing!" #sotu

Betsy Fischer, "Meet the Press" (@BetsyMTP)

Does Michele Bachmann have a stage manager that can point her to look at the camera? #verydistracting

Keith Olbermann, formerly "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" (@KeithOlbermann)

Did the Tea Party not spring either for a Camera Red Light or a combined camera-teleprompter? It costs $3 extry #sotu #InsaneClownResponse

John Hodgman

Why aren't we also getting Snooki's official response? Or from the cast of animal [h]oarders? Don't other cable stations want to make money?

Eric Roberts, "Celebrity Rehab" (@EricRobertsER)

watching WIFE SWAP during #SOTU. How bad a person does that make me? Both programs are tearjerkers & have heart.

--Joy Press


Photo: Vinny Guadagnino from "Jersey Shore." Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images.

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