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'The Kennedys' still without U.S. network to air miniseries

The producers of "The Kennedys" miniseries are running out of options in their quest to find a U.S. network to air the series.

Word leaked out this week that FX, Starz and Showtime had all passed on the show. The producers are said to be shopping for a deal at AMC and even the HD movie channel start-up Epix, but as of late Thursday nothing seemed close to fruition.

The producer's dilemma started when cable network History decided not to air the four-hour saga of the Kennedy family's rise to political power, after complaints from Caroline Kennedy, daughter of President John F. Kennedy, and former California First Lady Maria Shriver, the late president's niece.

"The Kennedys" stars Greg Kinnear as JFK and Katie Holmes as Jacqueline Kennedy.

Most network executives are said to be highly skittish about running the miniseries due to fears that political backlash. The producers have defended the accuracy of the project.

The miniseries, which cost an estimated $30 million to make, was produced by Joel Surnow, a former executive producer of the Fox drama "24."

Canadian broadcaster Shaw Media has committed to air the miniseries in that country sometime early this year.

-- Scott Collins


Photo: A scene from "The Kennedys." Credit: Muse Entertainment




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E TV runs wilder things than this movie.
How many cable channels are there and how many are owned by the same company....
No competition.
There is something very odd about this Film not being shown.

The Kennedy's have lost their mojo once the lion died. No more threat to those opposed, and no more interest in their story. They have greatly declined.

An open Letter to Caroline and Maria,

I have bad news for you ladies. The cat has been out of the bag for many, many years now. Stifling this movie will not change that. The jig has been up on the Kennedy mythology for decades (probably starting with the time your Uncle Teddy left a woman to die a nightmarish death in a watery tomb so he could run away and do damage control). We all know the Kennedy men were hedonistic wh--re mongers. We know about the rapes, the child molestations, the abuse of women, the lobotomization of your aunt, Ethel's abuse of the help, etc., ect., ect.

This country moved on long ago. You should too. And another thing, those sycophants and lap dogs you surround your self with? They do not reflect American culture as a whole. There are few left carrying the Kennedy torch - mostly you guys.

I hate top be the one to tell but someone clearly must.

What happened to the freedom of speech, freedom of the press. How much of our news is suppressed because of fear of political back lash??

Who are the Kennedys to suppress freedom of speech?

Who are the Kennedy's to control what we watch? What happened to freedom of speech. Why are the network executives afraid of backlash from the Goverenment?

It's not like we haven't seen this story before. Go buy or rent "Captains and the Kings" on DVD; this was a miniseries from the 70's based on a Taylor Caldwell novel that was a thinly veiled telling of the Kennedy clan story from bootlegger Joe's arrival in the U.S. up through JFK.


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