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'The Amazing Race' announces its All-Stars cast [Updated]


The Cowboys are back! So are the Harlem Globetrotters and the Goths! But sadly, no watermelon survivors. We can't have everything, can we?

"The Amazing Race" returns Feb. 20 at 8 p.m. with an All-Star season and airs for the first time in high definition. Eleven teams that fell short of winning the $1 million are being given a second chance on "The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business," the 18th installment of the series. The 23-city race will cover 40,000 mile and five continents and involving spiritual baths in frigid waters. Yikes!

But enough with the blah blah blah, who's playing?

CBS released the cast list Wednesday. (Teams appear in no particular order).

Gary Ervin
Age: 53

Mallory Ervin
Age: 25

Relationship: Father/daughter
Previous Season/Result: Season 17/6th place

Why they're returning for "Unfinished Business": Gary and Mallory were unable to avoid elimination after getting lost in Oman for more than nine hours.

LaKisha Hoffman
Age: 30

Jennifer Hoffman
Age: 26

Relationship: Sisters
Previous Season/Result: Season 14/4th place

Why they're returning for "Unfinished Business": LaKisha and Jennifer missed out on a spot in the final three by minutes after stopping to use the restroom in China.

Jet McCoy
Age: 31

Cord McCoy
Age: 30

Relationship: Brothers ("The Cowboys")
Previous Season/Result: Season 16/2nd place

Why they're returning for "Unfinished Business": Jet and Cord fell behind during the final leg and couldn't recover, which ultimately led to a 2nd place finish to winners Dan and Jordan.

Amanda Blackledge
Age: 25

Kris Klicka
Age: 26

Relationship: Fiancée/fiancé
Previous Season/Result: Season 14/8th place

Why they're returning for "Unfinished Business": Amanda and Kris were unexpectedly U-turned in Siberia by Margie and Luke and were eliminated from the race.

Jaime Edmondson
Age: 31

Cara Rosenthal
Age: 28

Relationship: Former NFL cheerleaders/teammates
Previous Season/Result: Season 14/2nd place

Why they're returning for "Unfinished Business": During the final leg, Jaime and Cara fell victim to a bad taxi driver in Hawaii and lost to Tammy and Victor.

Herb Lang
Age: 34

Nate Lofton
Age: 29

Relationship: Harlem Globetrotters teammates
Previous Season/Result: Season 15/4th place

Why they're returning for "Unfinished Business": The Globetrotters incurred a four-hour penalty in Prague after failing to complete a Roadblock, which cost them a spot in the final three.

Ron Hsu
Age: 61

Christina Hsu
Age: 29

Relationship: Father/daughter
Previous Season/Result: Season 12/2nd place

Why they're returning for "Unfinished Business": After struggling during their final leg in Alaska, Ron and Christina finished in 2nd place to TK and Rachel.

Kent Kaliber
Age: 35

Vyxsin Fiala
Age: 32

Relationship: Dating/friends
Previous Season/Result: Season 12/5th place

Why they're returning for "Unfinished Business": Kent and Vyxsin self-destructed in Italy and were unable to fight back to stay in the game.

Zev Glassenberg
Age: 28

Justin Kanew
Age: 31

Relationship: Best friends
Previous Season/Result: Season 15/9th place

Why they're returning for "Unfinished Business": Zev and Justin finished in 1st place during their Cambodia leg, but quickly discovered that they had lost a passport and would not be able to continue in the race.

Margie Adams
Age: 53

Luke Adams
Age: 25

Relationship: Mother/son
Previous Season/Result: Season 14/3rd place

Why they're returning for "Unfinished Business": Margie and Luke entered the final challenge with a substantial lead, but quickly fell behind and finished in 3rd place.

Mel White
Age: 70

Mike White
Age: 40

Relationship: Father/son
Previous Season/Result: Season 14/6th place

Why they're returning for "Unfinished Business": Mike and Mel found themselves lost in Thailand courtesy of a bad taxi driver and were eliminated from the race.

[Update: 1:36 p.m. A previous version of this post incorrectly stated that this is the show's first All-Stars season. Season 11 also was an All-Stars cycle.]

--Maria Elena Fernandez

Video Credit: CBS



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Actually this is the second All Stars version. The first was series 11 back in 2007: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Amazing_Race_11

Headline is misleading but it sounds like it will be a good show.

excited!! all the favorites are back. very happy they brought back ron and christina since season 12 i was hoping they would come back in an all star edition so I'm rooting for them to take this one


Disappointed that we don't get to see Brian and Ericka or even Brent and Caite. Didn't expect to like Brent and Caite but I rooted for them toward the end of their season.

this is by far the best and most interesting actuallity show hope it goes on for a long time

It is so unfair to let the contestants cheat. They should complete the task fairly or be disqualified. Rewarding cheating--is this the message you want millions to see?

Change your rules about the cheating that is going on this season


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