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Sarah Palin upstages Piers Morgan's CNN premiere with Oprah Winfrey

Piersmorgan Somehow, Sarah Palin found a way to steal the thunder from the premiere of CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" and his first guest, Oprah Winfrey.

Morgan's heavily promoted CNN show got off to a decent if not thrilling start in the ratings Monday night, scoring 2.1 million total viewers according to the Nielsen Co.

But Fox News Channel, which employs Palin as an analyst, was not to be outdone. The network shrewdly scheduled the former Alaska governor as a guest on "Hannity," where she attacked the mainstream media for connecting her to the recent shooting in Tucson.

As a result, Morgan had to settle for second place to Sean Hannity, who delivered 2.4 million viewers. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was third with 1.1 million.

Even so, the Morgan premiere at 9 p.m. delivered a rare dose of healthy ratings for CNN. The program more than tripled the audience "Larry King Live" was averaging in its final days late last year.

Some reviewers were complimentary to "Piers Morgan Tonight," while others complained that the host lobbed too many softballs in Winfrey's direction.

Sarahpalin The real test will come in the days ahead, as initial curiosity wanes for Morgan's show and viewers settle into normal patterns. Morgan has a difficult lead-in with "Parker Spitzer," a troubled interview show that has struggled to find an audience. And "Piers Morgan" will present many interviews as taped pieces rather than live, which reduces the immediacy of the events and makes it harder to play off the news.

On Tuesday night, Morgan will interview Howard Stern. Jonathan Wald, Morgan's executive producer, said of the Fox News rivalry: "It will be interesting to see what happens when we don't have Oprah and they don't have Pailn. Like, say, tonight with Howard."

What did you think of Morgan's premiere?

-- Scott Collins


Top photo: Piers Morgan. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Bottom photo: Sarah Palin. Credit: Carlos Osorio / Associated Press



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So many on this post are simply repeating talking points from the leftwing media (the same people who assured us all that obama was able to walk on water) about Palin.
Palin never said that she could see russia from her house- tina fey did. Biden, however, did proudly proclaim to the limousine liberal couric that "to be VP one must know what he is talking about- in 1929 roosevelt went on tv to calm the country down". Rememeber all the media coverage and SNL skits about that? Yeah, i don't either.

In reality, Palin outdebated the 35 year sitting senator (albeit joe biden) for 90 minutes when she was a 2 year governor (and that was with the worthless mccain team prepping her!).
She delivered one of the most electrifying speeches in the RNC's history, despite her teleprompter stalling. Can you imagine if obama's stalled at the DNC? He would have "uuhhuu uuhhh" for about 2 minutes and he would NOT be president right now.
Isn't it ironic that conservatives are always the dumb ones according to the media when the left has scholars like biden and jimmah carta running rampant?
Al gore flunked out of law school, biden got caught plagiarizing in college and in the eighties, obama claimed that he had visited "57 states" with several more to go, “the country of europe needs our help”, he proclaimed that the “Austrian language” was unique, and he is the leader of our military despite being able to properly pronounce corpsman. Obama also thanked all of the military men and women in the audience on Memorial Day. Not to mention the HUNDREDS of youtube videos out there showing obama stuttering like a drunken sailor anytime his beloved teleprompter stalls on him.
And of course biden is in a league all his own, but thanks to the leftwing media all we heard about for the remainder of the campaign was Palin's "everthing i can" in response to couric's condescending question asking what she read. Biden said one must have “an Indian accent to go into a 7/11”, “jobs is a 3 letter word” and he has now officially been muzzled by the white house because he is such a moron.
The left uses the same tricks every time. Reagan was dumb and that gave him 8 years in the white house, bush was dumb, and that gave him 8 years too, Palin is dumb- will that give her 8 years? I hope so- watching the liberals' heads explode would be awesome.

Here we go again. A story about Piers Morgan morphs into another hate-fest for Sarah Palin. She is incidental to the story but dominates liberal need to express vitriol. Sad...


The liberal media ( POLITICO, The New York Times, MSNBC, New York Daily News, ABC News, Huffington Post, CNN....) MUST APOLOGIZE to Sarah Palin and The Conservative Movement in America NOW.

Gene , you are Irish...nuff said

So much hatred directed at Sarah Palin, yet they can't resist clicking on anything that has "Palin" in the title.

Hahaha Palin: The Snooki of Politics

This comment is for Gene Carr. It appears that the comments you make about all the good things that Sarah Palin has done for the State of Alaska simply are not true! Either you are blindly following the comments in her book or you are an employee of Palins hired to create false impressions on the internet. Why don't you ask some Alaskans what we thought of her abilities as our Governor. In one poll, over 80% of the voters said they distrusted her. If she were to run for elective office in 2012, she would get approximately 38% of the vote. Another poll taken in Wasilla showed that if Sarah and Levi ran for office against each other, Levi would have the majority of votes. Most Alaskans feel that everything Sarah did was to promote the Palin family; and most agree that the majority of the ethical complaints filed while she was in office were valid. The areas where she increased the State employees were for her speech writers, personal photographers, personal travel, personal appearances and grooming and for her wardrobe. None of the previous governors needed to hire all these people to make the Governor look good. She even charged the State for the appearance of her entire family at the Iron Dog competition that Todd was competing in! Sarah quit being our Governor because she could get more money by writing a book--and the book would sell better if it was written right after she had run for Governor while people had the impression that she was doing a good job. Alaska has a rule that you any profit made by the book or speaking engagements would be paid to the State while the employee worked for the State--so Sarah quit the one job rather than having the State get any of the money she earned in the Lower 48. Even today, Sarah Palin holds no office but has a large staff of spin masters to bend the truth to her advantage. Don't believe it???--try writing something negative on her Facebook Page and see how long it lasts. An example of Sarah's lack of truthfulness would be during the McCain campaign--it was found that Sarah was guilty of abuse of power; the next day she made a public announcement that she was found innocent! Last week, her spokeswoman, Rebecca Mansour, denied that Sarah had ever used crosshairs on a map. The media found comments from Sarah herself discussing her use of cross hairs prior to the election, declaring that she was just targeting the people who she didn't want to have elected.

Mr. Carr, you may have a lot of education but the luck of the Irish is not with you, because you are being easily fooled by the misinformation spouted by the Queen of Grifters. How much money have you given Sister Sarah and her band of thieves?

The mendacity of Mama Grizzly....

So what? Who cares?

Oh...wait. The New Right Media Scoundrels care. It is, afterall, all about ratings, and nothing about substance. Airhead America must be dancing in their RVs about this "REALLY BIG MEDIA WIN!"

Hey Dave(2:33pm).Loved your post. As a Canadian, I just can't understand the hatred for Sarah Palin and the ongoing lovefest for Barack Obama. Why do Americans feel so threatened by her? Anyone who can take the abuse she has had to endure over the past couple of years has to be pretty tough.

Its a too bad libtards,a Sarah Palin a beat you once again. When ru Liberals a gunna learn? This a sexy lady that a pissa you off cause she smart and know how to make a money.

Palin rocks \m/

Tuesday night, i just watched the interview with oprah, pierce, i thought you was just great, i loved your method how you was just so on the spot or in the right direction of asking questions. thanks for such a good night for me. i loved her and you. will be one of your faithful watchers.

This is in response to Phillip Cohen:

"I am just a regular guy with a regular amount of education and a regular amount of income. " I take it then that you've learned to read and may even on occasion buy a newspaper or magazine, or at least follow cable and broadcast news or even read articles on the Web.

"I won't mention the recent shut down of the pipeline for leaks. " You just did. What does that have to do with Sarah Palin? Any effort to move energy sources from where they are to where they can be used involves risks. Any effort to minimize risks should be attempted, but we can't let risks permanently tie our hands to prevent us from finding and exploiting energy resources, wherever they may be.

"I won't mention how she can see Russia from her yard." Good, because Sarah Palin never made such a claim. Fools confused her with Tina Fey's impersonation of her on "Saturday Night Live." You wouldn't want people to think you were a fool, would you, Mr. Cohen? Oh, to be fair, Sarah has said you can see Russia from Alaska, and she is right.

"I won't mention that she quite [sic] office of the Governor." Good for you, Mr. Cohen. Then I don't have to mention how she was harassed with unfounded ethics violations that were bankrupting her and wasting taxpayers' money, as well as becoming a distraction to the government of Alaska, all due to a poorly written ethics law that allowed this to happen.

"I will mention her rhetoric. It repeatedly was larded with violent imagery." Well, Mr. Cohen, at least you're now mentioning something. I'm sure you're aware of the violent rhetoric that has come from the other side as well. It's been all over the news, coming even from the lips of Obama himself, if you've cared to look or merely listen.

"Palin coupled with Fox News contributed to multiple shootings and other moments of hate." You, of course, can document this, Mr. Cohen?

"On top of that, her economics spells doom for the working class." Ah, yes, the old "working class" gambit. What exactly have Obama's policies done for (as opposed to) the "working class"? I don't see the "working class" thriving under him or a Democrat-controlled Congress.

"You may like what her Alaskan oil policies did for the shareholders of Exxon but we don't." What, exactly, are you talking about, Mr. Cohen? Do you know?

The only reason I watched this show was to watch Palin and as usual she just shines!! No matter what show you put her on the ratings climb. Way to go CNN it's about time you have someone on that we actually want to see. I might think about coming back. Between you and MSNBC all you do is portrey the left which is nothing but the opposite of what the American people want. Can you not see what the American people want. We want the truth and obviously you don't look at your tanking ratings to see what the people want. We like the middle not the left and not the right but both sides should be heard and equally.

As in most aspects of one's life, bumps and bruises are to be expected. Its how we, as individuals, respond to and protect against them that marks the moment. I feel that politics and life's philosophy impact us and those around us in much the same way. It serves no useful purpose to see how quickly we can fill our opponents social networking sites with vitriol and hate with the apparent goal being to bait them into the same negative reaction. Then, when they either block or delete such comments, they are publicly attacked for "hiding the truth". Its a never-ending, sophomoric circling-of-the-bowl. Sadly, a very small percentage of the smear is purely "spin" and has little or no basis in actual fact. Do I comment on political issues or support party politics? Yep! 22 years serving in the US Army insured that right. And, when I'm wrong I try to correct my statements publicly. Also, when Gov. Palin asked that her supporters not engage in hateful, slanderous rhetoric I stopped (well, toned it down several notches). Just my observations and my humble opinion, y'all.

The motivation for the viewers is what really matters. The Piers Winfrey interview attracted those who have a more positive objective of seeing how well Piers is going to do where as watching the Palin Hannity interview was based more on a desire to see Palin's demise and watch another burst of insanity from the B.

Piers is irritating. At least Larry King put the question out there and let it live or die. Piers loves and encourages banter and debate which is not pleasing at all; it becomes just another debate, not an interview. He is also nervous and asks dumbass questions like about their personal finances. Come on! Who would answer to that? He is also on a religious/God bent sorry Piers, but I grew up Catholic too and it doesn't give entitlement. Somebody train him on how to interview. Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer or Charlie Rose to the rescue!!

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