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Reports say Charlie Sheen remains at home as doubt swirls around 'Two and a Half Men'

Sheenonset Another day, another wild turn of events in the Charlie Sheen saga.

The "Two and a Half Men" star was believed to have checked in to a rehab facility last week after being hospitalized with severe abdominal pains. And according to a source close to the Sheen camp who spoke on condition of anonymity, that's true: the party-loving actor finally relented to enter a treatment facility after refusing all day Friday.

But wait: That may not be the final word. TMZ is reporting that the actor is working with a special expert in addictions, and they're doing the treatment from Sheen's home because of privacy concerns.

Rival celebrity site Radaronline has put a darker spin on the tale, reporting that Sheen is still balking at going anywhere and doesn't think he needs rehab at all, causing much consternation among his handlers and executives at CBS and Warner Bros., which makes the show.

The stakes are high, because Sheen's absence has thrown "Two and a Half Men," TV's most-watched comedy, into indefinite hiatus. TMZ also reported that Sheen's case would require three months of treatment, meaning that the show would not return this season.

Meantime, the actor's spokesman, Stan Rosenfield, continues trying - somewhat nobly, one might say - to manage what's rapidly deteriorating into a PR fiasco. He issued a statement Monday afternoon that said: "In compliance with the national health privacy laws (HIPAA), no further information relating to Charlie Sheen's health or his rehab experience will be released without his written permission."

-Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Charlie Sheen is Charlie Harper on "Two and a Half Men." Credit: Greg Gayne/CBS.

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oops. I meant, I'm shocked, SHOCKED, at the shenanigans going on with this man, who holds the fate of the free world in his hands.

he is making a step in the right direction for once - rehab, acceptance and getting to bottom of his issues - lets remember he is not the only one with these issues, its human nature to stumble and fall, but if we can pick ourselves up and carry on, for the better, that is the triumph of the human spirit.

There must be *someone* in Hollywood who could play a wiseguy on that series! I say CBS should fire the guy, if only to keep the series going and keep those people working! Nobody--absolutely NObody--is worth a mil an episode! I agree that he should go to jail! That's what turned Robert Downey, Jr. around when he had the same problem years ago.

A lot of people crack up because the pressure of their job is too much for them. Could that be the problem?

WHY are you all so jealous of Mr. SHEEN? All you see is money he makes, addictions he has. But why watch his super TV Show if you don't like him?
Just for the pleasure of seeing him ill? Here we are quite a lot of french people who love him and wish him well so he can be back at work. He is the masterpiece of the show. We love you Mr SHEEN.

please CBS producers, keep the pogram on. He will be back soon and healthy.
Don't stop the show, Charlie Sheen is a wonderful actor, he is super in TWO AND A HALF MEN; O.K. Jon Cryers and Angus are great but they need Charlie to carry the locomotive

I feel sorry for all of the people who work on the show (the other actors as well as the crew) who are being held hostage by this selfish piece of garbage. It's not all about you Charlie...you have a responsibility to these other people whose livelihoods you callously hold in your hands.

Someone needs to inform Mr. Rosenfield that HIPAA laws only apply to healthcare providers, not celebrity agents.

Poor Charlie! I hope CBS rewards with a much deserved raise when he returns to his show - $10million an episode sounds just. As far as the cast and crew of his show during Charlie's absence - let them eat cake!!!

Charlie I have walked in your shoes. Alcohol is not the answer. been there done that and I am a peon a nobody in farm country. You have a great courier ahead of you with out drugs and booze. A wonderful job. If it is so bad let me know I will trade you a factory job for yours.

He needs to get into a program and stay in a program or he will be dead soon. Come on Charlie, do the work and stay alive.

One and a half Men, anybody?

leave the guy alone its his life ok
some americans are so prissy
and puritnical when it comes to sex
and rock and roll and having fun
the europeans get it
the americans want it
if he cant work thats one thing
but to comment on his lifestyle why not go after the corporations that are making indecent profits
and the middle class is being gutted

Don't you all get it. When you pay somone that much money, it is all about that person. The crew and the other actors that everyone is so concerned about have been really lucky to have such a great run on a show but Charlie isn't responsible for them.

Charlie is living his life the way he always has. The playboy partying bachelor with an appetite for hookers and coke. More power to him for not succumbing to everyone else's idea of what his life should be!

That being said, there is clearly something missing from his life that he has replaced with these vices. Those are matters between him and his therapist. I'm less concerned with this lifestyle choices than I am about him ending up in jail where it would all be taken away from him. What a waste that would be!

well Charlie thanks for putting so many people out of work. They do not get paid, but of cause your cast gets paid so they are real happy. I think the people who make all of you look good should not tolerate any more of your addiction issue's. They should not work with you and maybe CBS will get the picture. You are never going to quit because you THINK you are a STAR but you are really NOTHING. You don't care about the people you are hurting just old Charlie. Your show has become soft porn in the last year and I stopped watching it a long time ago. Seems CBS is run by dummies who like to just throw away money on a old man with no talent except drink, ho's and drugs.

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