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Ratings for NBC's 'The Cape' were not so heroic in Sunday premiere

NBC's new superhero series "The Cape" wasn't so super in its Sunday premiere.

The two-hour special delivered an anemic average of 8.4 million total viewers, a soft opening for such a heavily promoted series.

However, the show did win the 10 p.m. time slot during its second hour.

"The Cape," which stars David Lyons as a cop imbued with special powers through a costume, is critical to NBC's sagging fortunes because it's the network's highest-profile mid-season entry. With NFL football out of the picture, the network needs the show to develop a strong following.

"The Cape" starts its usual 9 p.m. Monday run on Jan. 17.

Did you watch?

-- Scott Collins

Photo: David Lyons in "The Cape." Credit: Justin Lubin / NBC


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This show was amazing! People really should check this show out to avoid a NBC failure... I was very impressed, very few shows of this type can relate to the average person and draw them in. The Cape brings a complicated plot that relates to the politcal climate of today and family. This is not your average nerd series.

LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!! I skipped my regular shows to watch it and i am so glad i did!!!

The Cape is a show full of potential based on a great idea. However, the scripts are terrible. The writers tried to squeeze in too many characters & scenarios in the first show. And the plots & characters were cornball, one dimensional, & cheesy. If they fire the screenwriters & get some good story lines, the show would be a huge ratings winner.

9 p.m. Monday? Really?

NBC might as well pull the plug now. I watched The Cape last night and thought it was an entertaining bit of mind candy, just the thing for my otherwise empty Sunday night viewing schedule. But Monday? Are you kidding me? The CBS comedy block followed by its ratings killer, Hawaii 5-0, at the same time my fav show, Castle is on, and another fav, Hoarders, is on A & E?

I'd love to keep watching watch this show but I can only record two shows at once. If NBC insists on putting it on the already over-crowded Monday schedule instead of keeping it on the mostly lame Sunday schedule, they shouldn't expect to pick up too many viewers. Most people already have their Monday night viewing set, football or no football, and that doesn't include room for a new series.

I guess I'll have to watch it online. Too bad, because it's not as good a viewing experience, and Nielsen, for all their hype, still isn't figuring online viewers fairly into the ratings.

I'll just watch Michael Keaton as Batman, or even Adam West, this show is just a Batman rip off with Summer Glau playing the former Batgirl now called Oracle who is the exact same information broker she is.

Did you people even watch this show? This has be the most cheese-balled piece of rip off crap I have ever seen in last 10 years. I felt like I was watching the corny batman movies of the 90’s. Who like this stuff man? How old are you? Horrible acting, followed by an incoherent plot with major pacing issues. Who green lighted this?

Well, I write a blog about superhero gaming, and superheroes, so I might have a little more insight into this than most of the people who write.

I love the Cape. It's fantastic. I know that many people think that banking NBC's future on a superhero show is kind of dumb, but I love this. There don't appear to be any actual superpowers, and it's kind of pulp gritty, like Batman, but there's more to the Cape than meets the eye.

This show isn't meant to be deep, or melodramatic. It's FUN. Pure, unadulterated pulp heroic fun. I cried tears at the cheesy angles when they tried to make things look like comic book panels. I love the theme ideas and most importantly, that this guy is doing all this out of a comic book that he reads to his son. It's a classic reversal.

I won't talk more about the Cape here, but if people ask me to on my blog, I'll do a piece on it after a few more episodes.


Plus, you have to love it when the circus heavy is the midget. That totally rocks.

I really enjoyed the show last night.(the Cape) Now NBC please don't take the show off the air so soon. I'm not really sure who you people poll about these new shows but you are not asking the right people you made a BIG mistake when you cancelled the show for Jimmy Smit was in OutLaw I'm also looking forward to seeing the Cathy Bates Show

first two comments are from plants

Show wasn't that great - but it was entertaining. I expect it not to last that long, but I'll watch it no matter what. Why? Two words: Summer Glau! I've missed having her on my TV screen every week (since Fox cancelled Terminator). I love that chick!

Hope it hangs on for a while...

The show seemed interesting at first, but by the end of the show I wouldn't be able to explain how it ended. The concept and idea within the show had a chance to be very successful. Personally, the wrong approach was taken with creating it. The plot should have been developed slower and better giving time to build both the protagonist and antagonist. The tone of the show was certainly all over the place. Would have been nice to see it along the lines as christopher nolans approach to batman. The show is a means to an end.

It was neither horrid nor was it brilliant. It was better than the pilots for the Event & No Ordinary Heroes. I think it will fit in nicely with Chuck. Too bad neither it nor Chuck will probably last past this season.

love love love it all my children were loveing it. Something new is allway's good. My son's 7,10,12,14 really loved it they found a new super hero. it's more of what we need.they recorded it and even whachted it again and again.Remmber it's not only adult's whaching also kid's my kid's so thank you for putting up something different something that my kid's enjoyed.hopefully those who think different eaither don't have kid's or are not a kid at heart. Remmber batman,spiderman,superman, what ever happend to those super hero's it's about time we seen a new one.

I actually loved it. I am a big comic fan so maybe I am partial to it, but I liked it very much. I think the script was good and things were explained properly...
I like the guy and I like the fact that this is not targeting some retarded 15 years old audience.... which seems to be the primary concern to everybody else nowadays...

This was just the usual run of the mill rubbish, if they target group are those below 15 it might work -they've seen nothing and know little -but for the rest of us this is just cancel bait waiting to get dumped in a few weeks *yawn*

I watched because Summer Glau was on it, just like 75% of the pathetic dweebs who tuned in. The show goes good with bourbon, as does Summer Glau.

Unfortunately, because Summer is on it, it means the show will be cancelled, and us Glau fans will be left heartbroken once more. But there's always the bourbon.

So disappointing. This is an idea that had potential but is just too badly done to work. The characters are corny and poorly acted. The story wasn't remotely engaging. I had absolutely no emotional attachment to anything going on. If it is on for 6 weeks I'll be amazed. Somebody at NBC should be strung up by their cape for this one.

I did watch The Cape and I thought it was very well done. The first hour moved at a very good pace. Lots of things needed to be established. The second hour was a bit slower - as expected - and lent itself to developing the major players. I thought the casting was fantastic. A good mix of old and new and I liked the fact the casting included minorities and - don't laugh - a midget other than Vern Troyer. There was plenty of action, laughs, cars, magic and that fat guy from BORAT even had a role and one of the best lines in the two-hour show. I'm sorry more people didn't watch. This is a good show that might go the same route as PROFIT and COPROCK - two good show that didn't ring up the ratings.

I thought The Cape was great fun.

I can see the fat smelly Batman fans are extremely butthurt. They are the dregs that make people who enjoy comic book movies look bad... especially the Batman fans... they are worse than Star Wars fans.

Joyless fat habitual virgins, the lot of them.
If you enjoy adventure a bit of camp The Cape should be right up your alley.

If you never had sex and sleep with your Harley Quinn blowup doll, you might want to skip it.

OMG, OMG, OMG! This has to be the most awesome television show since "My Mother the Car!"

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