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MTV's 'Skins' bares strong youth ratings in premiere

MTV's "Skins" -- an Americanization of the acclaimed British teen drama -- got off to a decent start in the ratings Monday, with 3.3 million total viewers.

Those are nowhere near the ratings for "Jersey Shore," which drew 8.4 million viewers with its Season 3 premiere earlier this month, according to the Nielsen Co. But Snooki and her pals didn't start off so hot, either: The reality smash drew only 1.4 million viewers when it first appeared in December 2009.

"Skins" is a key part of MTV's push of finding a scripted show that can connect with its target youth audience the same way "Jersey Shore" does on the reality side. The comedy "The Hard Times of RJ Berger" returns this spring, and "Teen Wolf" is due this summer. Already, "Skins" has had to endure harrumphs from critics, who've compared the U.S. version unfavorably to its U.K. predecessor.

In a release, MTV pointedly noted that "Skins" had premiered to a higher rating among its core audience of viewers ages 12 to 34 (3.4 rating) than the rollouts of other youth shows such as ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" (2.2 rating) and CW's "Gossip Girl" (2.3) and "Vampire Diaries" (2.4).

What did you think of "Skins"?

-- Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: The cast of MTV's "Skins." Credit: MTV.


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I agree with Elyse. My hope was that everyone had died when they had plunged into the water. Sadly they did not.

Karavicious, you're sick. Elyse, you must have been brought up in a ridiculously clean cut environment. In my eyes Skins relates to teen life the most out of all teen dramas. I am also 22, going to school and working and everything these kids are portraying ACTUALLY HAPPENS. Where have you all been!? I was offered my first drug when I was in the 7th grade, and that drug was LSD. Ofcourse I didn't take it because I know what drugs like that can do to you. The pressure of sex and drugs are very much amongst high school life and the fact that you think it doesn't exist is pretty much idiotic. I'm very thankful though to have the mother that I have who has taught me to be my own person and not to fault to peer pressure. Unlike most parents, my parents believed that it was their responsibility to raise me, not the public, the media or the government.

Honestly, I think the US version of Skins is incredible. I've never seen the UK version but that allowed me to watch MTV's remake with an unbiased opinion. Skins is real to me. The things these kids go through are things my friends and I have been through (minus a few things that are a little overdone -- like the car going into the lake). Face it, people: nowadays, teenagers are exposed to sex and drugs and alcohol and manipulation and sneaking around every day. Kids aren't the same as they used to be...and I believe Skins portrays just what a lot of teenager's lives are like. Mine was like that for months before I got arrested and stopped.

This past week I was suspended from my school (early college) and sent to the 'delinquent school' for five days. While there, I met a 14 year old boy who had been in jail for shooting someone (although he didn't die). He'd be arrested "like 21 times" for other things such underage drinking and possession of marijuana and the such. Two ten year olds were sitting at the lunch table discussing that they only smoke to "pass the time". Children were talking about the multiple times their parents have abandoned them for days or tried to kill them.

You must face reality -- and MTV Skins will help you do that. Sure, not every teen has a life like this... but some do. Some lives are worse. If you didn't have a childhood like that, just embrace that there are other's that did and get over it. Skins is raw. Although it has a few minor flaws and some things are a little over the top, I still love it.

Okay to all you Americans who say; This is not like teen life at all. blablabla.

Well duh! It's not a documentary now is it?

You guys keep talking about how this is child porn and endorses homosexuality and what not.

It's acting, so they didnt actually have sex. It might look that way, but they didn't. So stop being so up tight about these things.

And how does it endorse homosexuality? If a man kisses another man is somehow tells guys to do that? No, that's ridiculous.


I don't know what age group is posting these derogatory comments but I'm 25 and I LOVE the show. We already have teenagers in highschool going through metal detectors and smoking in the parking lots. We have teenagers having sex with multiple partners and dropping pills. We have teenagers and college age kids doing this all the time. MTV finally has a hit show and idiots on here criticize reality. Great way to shelter people from the truth ay! Yet shows like 16 and pregnant are ok. How about 15 and got an abortion and there wouldn't be a stupid show like that? Prudes!

Skins is awesome! i loved it! i personally want a season 2. jersey shore and rj berger interest me in no way whatsoever. skins has an awesome setting n everything. skins us all the way!!!

CONGRATS!,The US finally has a show that defiantly now relates a lot better to teens and young adults. I have seen the UK version , i can honestly say they are almost the same with small things that are different.In my perspective the US version is put together a lot better than the UK version. I feel more like I'm there with the US version they make the show feel realistic. The cast is outstanding with there performance and a lot of viewers in the US would be devastated if the US series ended. I think people criticize MTV remaking Skins cause a lot of people hate seeing movies,shows & plays remade they should let Skins have a chance. But I also agree about the child molesters in the US, thats why there shouldn't be any nudity or sex scenes, people don't like how the US skins use their words or how they use their grammar, but thats how this generation talks older people might not understand. just how the don't understand why kids wear their pants below their bum, if you don't like MTV skins then you don't have to watch it but don't ruin it for the other people who enjoy it.Honestly US Skins has became my new favorite show to watch every monday night on MTV. MTV Skins should defiantly give it another shot! it was the first season you still have a chance to tweak things and make them better , even Jersey Shore didn't have good ratings their first season , people will defiantly grow to love the show ,Skins is almost a teenage version of Jersey Shore and thats why teens really love the show, Teens want a show that they can relate too.US skins relates to teens by how they act, talk & the drama thats in it thats a teenagers life.A lot of people are nervous about there not being another season of US Skins and so am I.
I hope MTV gives it one more shot and see how it is after they tweak.

jersey shore , rj buger are not as good as skins

The show is teaching kids in a humorous way what actually happens what to learn from everyone who likes this shoe is a genius

Skins UK eats Skins US for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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