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Kids swoon as Miley Cyrus ends run on Disney Channel's 'Hannah Montana'

Hannahmontana A darkness has fallen on the kingdom of the preteens: "Hannah Montana" is officially gone.

The Disney Channel series about ordinary girl Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) who has a secret life as a pop star wrapped its fourth and final season Sunday with a finale that drew 6.2 million total viewers, according to the Nielsen Co. That was up 9% compared with the average this season, the show's most-watched. 

Among kids 2 to 11, the finale drew 2.1 million viewers.

Despite the show's popularity, Cyrus has said she's relieved to be leaving. "I've grown out of it," she told an interviewer last year.

The actress turned 18 in November. The following month, video surfaced on TMZ of Cyrus smoking a bong. She claimed she was smoking salvia, a psychoactive drug that's legal in California.

What do you think of Cyrus and "Hannah Montana"?

-- Scott Collins

Photo: Miley Cyrus as "Hannah Montana." Credit: Bob D'Amico /Disney Channel





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Good riddance! Never liked her!

Good riddance! She's now officially a troubled 18-yr old wannabe!

Wow, I came to the LA Times for solid information. All I got was a cynical opening, "a darkness has fallen...," one tidbit of info on viewership, and a character assassinating closing. Why?

I'm a parent, and I enjoyed the show. Plain and simple, it was fun and funny. (It was no replacement for Disney's greatest show Kim Possible, but it was still good.) So why is the editorial commenting -- 2/3 of the article -- 100% negative? Very disappointing.


shut up miley and hannah are just a like there but honest, great, the best singer ever and she did not smoke a bong! just leave her a hell alone

see ya hannah montana wouldnt wanna be ya.
i can tell u this i didnt watch the damn season finale

@Scott Collins, come on man! This is the Los Angeles Times. Don't you feel any need at all to tell the truth given that you are writing for one of the nation's largest daily newspapers? Miley Cyrus has not said a single word to any media about the TMZ video and neither have any of her representatives, so where do you come off falsely claiming that she said she was smoking salvia? It was TMZ that made that claim, based on an unnamed--and probably bogus--source. The fact that the Los Angeles Times would allow you to make this claim, and falsely attribute it to Cyrus, is a big surprise to me. That's the kind of shoddy reporting I expect from TMZ, but not from the Los Angeles Times.

i love them both hannah montana i watched her show a lot and i have her dvds and cd's she has a great voice and for miley cyrus i wont to go to her concerts get her movies and music and life stories miley is a great role model for me i look up to her

miley cyrus i wont to be her friend and i wont back stage pass to her concert

i love miley cyrus

Of course she's out grown the Disney Channel. They won't let her do drugs on the air, so she's outta there. She's become yet another teen that will end up like Lohan. People need better role models!

It seemed to me that Hannah Montana has been on forever, really it was only 4 years? Or did more time pass between seasons? I moderately enjoy the reruns of HM they show on the ABC affiliate out of Seattle (KOMO), but can't say the world will experience a great void with its passing.

I believe the media have been to hard on Miley Cyrus, as i dont think they seem to understand that she started Hannah Montana at a very young age and therefore had the stress of the media on her back, she is bound to rebel sooner or later.. I think her quitting Hannah Montana was a good idea as she can move on to better and bigger projects now and not be compared to her Hannah Montana work.

Beautiful finale..i really miss hannah montana..:[


Miley Cyrus the next Linsey Lohan.

I loved Miley! she has personality and I think she is a good role model. We all know that no body is perfect and i think that people who have watched her as hannah Montana for a long time have created this perfect Miley in their minds. So when they see her doing something they don't like, they think she's out of control or something. I think it's completely normal. She's a teenager after all.

Uck who cares! They only person in the world with less talent is her Achy Breaky Dad. Goodbye and good riddance!

She has horse teeth. No, my future kids don't like her.

Those kids were munching Frosted Flakes straight out of the box in that video - read MUNCHIES! Salvia, ha!

Here's MY idea: Disney pulls a "Darren" (like on Bewitched) and finds a replacement Hannah. Imagine a nationwide search (like American Idol) for the next Hannah, followed by a new series. That would rock! Disney would make a billion.

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