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Lisa Vanderpump chats on 'Real Housewives' drama, Cedric -- and, of course, Jiggy

Vanderpump Lisa Vanderpump joined Show Trackers for a live chat Friday morning to talk about her first season on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and the first part of the dramatic reunion on Thursday night (next week promises even more drama!). Even though there was much to discuss, the conversation centered around a few things: Cedric, formerly known as the Permanent Houseguest. How she manages to keep her reputation on a show that has a tendency to annihilate them. And, of course, Jiggy!

As season came to a close, we learned that Lisa and her husband were ready for Cedric to finally flee from their nest. He lallygagged and in the epilogue to the season finale, we also learned that there was a big blow up between Lisa and Cedric as he moved out. They haven’t spoken since. She wasn’t going to talk much about it -- she didn’t want to spoil the second part of the reunion Thursday -- but she did reveal how much the situation pained her.

Many of the chatters brought up the Cedric situation. They said he was a conman, at worst, and -- even if he was the least bit genuine in his mooching -- he was taking advantage of the Vanderpump family. One commenter, Kristen, asked Lisa is she doubted Cedric’s sincerity.

“I must be stupid,” Lisa wrote back, “ but everybody warned me and no [she didn’t question his sincerity] not until the end.”

But there’s more of the story to be told. “next week,” she wrote, “you will see everything:(.”

Although the subject of editing regularly comes up in these reunions (i.e., the producers edited it to make me look like a monster), she said she came off exactly as she is in real life -- both the good and the bad. Some of the ladies (i.e., Camille Grammer) probably wish they could take back some of the things they said, Lisa told the Show Trackers.

She managed to touch on all sorts of things from the season: Allison Dubois, the electric-cigarette smoking “medium” who failed to see her lack of couth (“she was even worse than you saw”); Taylor Armstrong’s husband, Russell the Robot (“you can see i am not a fan ... sorry he is very cold”); and Kim Richards, who was accused by her sister of being an alcoholic in the finale (“she is difficult sometimes more than you know ... but i hope she will work things out because her heart is in the right place”).

Oh, and Martin, her English friend that she set up on a blind date with Richards (she’s still “trying to hook him up!”).

Outside of the show, people just wanted lessons on how to be a classy dame like Mrs. Vanderpump. One commenter exclaimed that she loved how she did her lips (“jilted love by nars with chanel lip gloss and a nude pencil”).  Also, if you ever make it to Villa Blanca, her restaurant, she recommends the tuna tartar, rock shrimp and the paella chicken milanaise.

Click here to go back through the chat and read for yourself.

Let’s keep the conversation going: What did you think of Thursday night’s reunion, and are you bracing yourself for next week’s show? It looks pretty intense, and Lisa Vanderpump agrees.

-- Rick Rojas

Photo: Lisa Vanderpump with her husband, Ken Todd, and fellow housewife Adrienne Maloof. Credit: Isabella Vosmikova / Bravo


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I didn't believe Cedric for a minute! I wouldn't be surprised if he was a con man. Also, it wasn't really as dramatic as any of the other Housewives reunions. These women seem a teeeeeensie bit more, for a lack of a better word, classy. They are definitely a lot richer than the rest of the Housewives from any of the other shows--that's for sure. maybe that is the difference.

Lisa has a great sense of humor and a whole lot of class. So many celebs could learn a thing or two from her.

I turned the reunion off about halfway through .These woman,except for Lisa are truly pathetic!I couldn,t get passed their greasy faked tan overly madeup faces.Camille looked the best,Kyle trying to hide her hips behind a pillow and seemimg ugly on the inside,the bullying of Kim that Andy participated in,and Adrienne trying to excuse her constant humiliation of her husband as "everyone does it".Money can buy a lot,but it can,t by class and youth.They should be called The Beverly Over the Hills Housewives.

Don't be fooled by Lisa's English accent, that's why you think she is classy. She is a fame wh, just like the rest. Her dry English humore is actually quite nasty. I lived in England for 4 years and can tell the difference between a classy English woman and not.

I like Lisa for the most part, but the way she fawns over Kyle is somewhat sad. My mother is the same age and I'd be mortified if I witnessed her chasing after a woman 10 years younger. I also felt that she set up Kim with Martin for her own amusement, like a cat toying with a mouse before the kill. She clearly has no use for Kim and delighted in making sport of this alleged fix-up, so as for her heart being in the right place? I think her heart is lost somewhere in that mansion.

Dear Lisa Vanderpump, I think you are just perfect. Your confidence inspires me. My daughter Lilath ofcourse loves your dog Giggy. I myself like the poofy orange dog.It would be a dream to meet you some day because I really appreciate your sense of humor.I don't e-mail people I don't know so I think this is a stretch for me, but again you seem great! Thanks for the t.v. show

I loved the show, and mostly watching Lisa,Ken & Jiggy!! I am fascinated by their "class" and lifestyle most of all. I have a long coat chihuahua with a face similar to Jiggy's and I just love seeing that little feller! It's fun watching them include Jiggy so much!
Some catty comments are from obviously jealous people who just can't appreciate seeing people who have earned the lifestyle they are able to enjoy!
I'm fascinated to see it, and detour from all the bad day to day news out there! '
Sorry that Cedric turned on you & Ken-surprised me-he's the loser, because you would have remained "family" to him.

After watching the whole series, I see Lisa as a common, money hungry, fame lover. She puts a posh English accent on it, but she's just that, and not much more.

Are she and her husband U.S. citizens? Or are they just here to make money off stupid Americans? Will they eventually run to another country after they've milked all they can from the U.S, like they've done in the past?


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