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'Law & Order: Los Angeles' takes a break from NBC [Updated]

Skeet1 "Law & Order: Los Angeles," the West Coast revamp of the landmark New York-based "Law & Order" franchise, had been scheduled to return to NBC on Feb. 8 following a hiatus of more than two months. But the series will be off the air for a bit longer.

Back in November, NBC announced that starting in February,"Law & Order: Los Angeles" would run on Tuesdays at 10 p.m.,  when"Parenthood" had been airing. Now NBC says that "Parenthood" will stay in that slot for the remainder of the season. [Updated on Jan. 19 at 2:00 p.m.: A previous version of this post mistakenly mentioned "Parenthood" previously airing on Monday nights; it has been corrected.]

Executives said "Law & Order: Los Angeles," which is informally known as "LOLA," will return to the prime-time slate on a date yet to be determined. They added they are pleased with the ratings for "LOLA," which has been one of the few new highlights of NBC's schedule.

The drama remains in production, filming two more episodes featuring Skeet Ulrich in his lead role as a police detective. Ulrich will then leave the series, and the character played by Alfred Molina -- a deputy district attorney -- will move to the detective squad. 

The network also noted that the competition series "America's Next Great Restaurant" will premiere March 6 instead of the previously set March 16. "The Marriage Ref," which was scheduled to return for its second season March 6, will come back to the schedule at a later date.

---Greg Braxton

Photo: Skeet Ulrich in "Law & Order: Los Angeles." Credit: Dean Hendler / NBC



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Wow. . .LOLA actually airs Wednesday nights at 10, with "Parenthood" on Tuesday Nights at 10 opposite "The Good Wife." Therefore, strong ratings for "Harry's Law" on Monday night can't be the reason Parenthood is being moved off of Tuesday. Seems more likely that getting "Parenthood" out from behind "The Good Wife" is the more likely explanation.

I think it is time to bring back the original Law & Order. That show survived m ore cast changes than any other show because each character brought their own personality.

Who was the brilliant mind to cancel the original when it was still in its Prime?

Guarantee bring it back and you win back that night in ratings

I need my Corey Stoll fix...hopefully LOLA will be back on soon.

Well I am totally confused. Parenthood has always been on Tuesday 10 PM (as stated by Perspective below). Monday 10 PM was Chase. So when/where is Parenthood moving to. You know, this is not exactly rocket scince and you would think a supposed professional like Braxton could figure this out. His whole story is non-sensical.

Well i loved the Original L&O so i thought i might like L&O LA but after the first few episodes aired i thought it was bad compared to the original i loved. But i keeped watching for Skeet but now that he is leaving i will stop watching.

I have been waiting and waiting for this show to return. It has not ever been my style to write to, or contact anyone concerning a television show. This is a first. I truly was fixated on this show. I hope that it returns soon. Statistically speaking, this should look good to your bean counters, because for the state of Oregon alone, I probably represent from about twenty to fifty-thousand. Multiply that times fifty states, than throw in a ratio for error - you are looking at a considerable amount of television audience members who are also eagerly awaiting the return of this show. Good Luck to you.


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