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Keith Olbermann breaks his silence on Twitter

Olb After a brief moment of silence that followed his last night on MSNBC, Keith Olbermann's back ... on Twitter. On Monday afternoon, he promised to greet his fans at 8 p.m., and he did. And did. And did. There was a message at 8:01 PM: “Citizens Of The Free World: Greetings! …….(more to come).” And again at 8:04 p.m.: “My humble thanks to all Friends of Keith for the many kind words. The reports of the death of my career are greatly exaggerated.” And again at 8:48 p.m., by which point he was already trending: “Trending in 45 minutes! You guys are so good, you get a 'Hellooooooo!' (it was cold here today) #FOK." That FOK stands for Friends of Keith, and the shout-out arrived with a photo of Olbermann braving the chill. By the time these words hit the blog, there will no doubt be more Tweets. The guy just can't stay on hiatus for long.

— Melissa Maerz

Photo: Keith Olbermann. Credit: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images.

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Whose dim-witted idea was it to fire Keith Olbermann.

I like my news intelligently researched and presented and this is why I watch MSNBC and I started watching because of Keith. I am glad Rachel is still there, she is the most intelligent news person on TV.


A greeting, a thanks, a trending alert. I can hardly wait for the next update -- what could it be? "I'm filing unemployment"? "Where can I cash a $40 mil severance check?" I am on the edge of my seat newsfans!

Call me old school, but if you're a newscaster, you shouldn't be the news. Why? Because there are events happening that matter, that could inform, enlighten and on a really good day, inspire. KO's job status will never be one of them.

Keith I miss you and love you! I was having withdrawls today hoping that at 8:00 pm I'd see you. Still having withdrawls! Please find you place in this idiotic place of news so I can regain my sanity. MSNBC will never be the same. It was not a place to be today, tomorrow or any other time, except of course tomorrow SOTU. Miss ya much!

Don't let facts get in the way of Keith Olberman.

Hey MSNBC ! No Olberman, no viewers! MSNBC can now kiss their profitability good bye. Good bye MSNBC.............

it's a sad day for freedom of speech. fox news can talk crap all day & nobody gets fired

I wish I knew where KeithO will be hired to broadcast from soon. I also wish in his new gig he will be doing what he did so well on MSNBC, His point of view on politics. He will be missed, and he is sooo needed at this time.

To Kieth Olberman:
I cant wait to see were you land next. I loved your show. You made a lot of sence when every one did not. You also went to school with my dad and that is probally why you made sence to me. I thank you for that . I really wish I knew were I could listen to you next. Hope you land on either HBO or Showtime. MSNBC is really stupid, And got bought out by one of the worst companies that ever came down the pike. Enjoy the time off. Cant wait to see you again on my TV. Good luck.

Man I was really enjoying these days without hearing about what Keith Olbermann had to say , Couldn't he at lest wait about a year before coming back it was so nice , Well since he's back I can now say that he was not missed and wish he would just fade away . I won't be as hatful and vial as he was on TV hoping that people he disliked would just die or have something bad happen to them I just want him to go away for a long time .

Keith...you will surely be missed, by viewers and by MSNBC. MSNBC got overly comfortable with themselves with top ratings and forgot how they got there. Started watching MSNBC because of you, my entirely family watched Coundown and there's alot of us! Can't believe that MSNBC is actually putting O'Donnell in your time slot! I haven't made it through one of his shows yet....It's BORING. Guess I'll go back to CNN for now on...except for Rachel, I'll still tune in for the Maddow Show and only that one. We still love you Keith!! See you on your next endeavor!

We miss you..
randy alston

I am shocked that Mr. Olbermann has been fired! He was the only thing worth watching on TV!! And the only news information which told the truth!! I will not watch MSNBC ever again!

Just go away..I remember the really bad perm hair days at
channel 5 news at 10 in LA back in the day and you have not improved since those days! Pompous does not describe it!

Why can`t this jackass stay away. Olbermann is such a moron

Damn! Damn!Damn! (Florida Evans expression from the 1970's sitcom Good Times) Why did you leave us Keith?!!! I live in one of the worst conservative states in the union, Texas, and as insane as these folks are here I managed to have some sort of sanity by watching you for the past 4 years on MSNBC. The other talk shows on MSNBC are good but none of them quite compared to yours. I am seriously having withdrawals from not watching Countdown! God Bless you dear Mr. Olbermann in your future endeavors and wherever you might happen to show up at, I and several of my friends and family will find you and will be following you religiously again .:-)

i love keith, like rachel! he's my newsmaker; my favorite who deserve the best for being so real, in-depth, analytical, honest, purely intellectual who does it without fear or favor. thanks keith olbermann, even though i can't thank you enough! the organization you helped build and its new management/owners can't censor you. you've right; we must all have the right to free speech especially when what we're saying is the truth. it must not be only what people want to hear or what's so-called politically correct yet might not be the truth. we all, or we the people and not the media monopolists alone have right to the means of communication. it's a fundamental right. right to learn, or know and to impact. that's what the internet is for, to cut the monopolists/conglomerists or even imperialists tails-call it feathers. here, they've little or no control!

Keith Olbermann, you are one of a kind, and in a very good way! MSNBC has lost sight of what's important, and that is Keith! Your unique perspective, reverence for the truth, and awesome sense of humor are essential to understanding the times in which we're living. I will so miss your commentary on the State of the Union tonight and on every other political happening until you're back on the air. I miss you, Keith! What you have to say is important! You're a very cool dude ~ you rock!!!

Keith stop behaving like Glen Beck, are you trying too prove that the world is actually is not sane?????????

MSNBC: 28th highest viewed cable network with KO!!!! LOL. Yeah, he is REAL important. Maybe he can take his advice and just, well, go away. . . . Only crybabies will miss this ignoramus. Maybe Arianna Huffington, once married to the [gay] Republican of the same last name who ran for office in California, will find room for him at her sorry assed operation funded by Soros. . . Goodbye, Keith; now you have time to hang with Craig Kilbourn.

I love Keith! I have my own show on youtube, "Salima Speaks"! I can say whatever I want! I guess Keith felt the same way but he was wrong! He backed President Obama all the way with truth while that idiot, Sarah Palin told lies! Keith is Superman! He stands for truth, justice and the American way! I Love You, Keith!

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