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Is CNN's John Roberts joining Fox News?

John Roberts is expected to join Fox News Channel as a senior national correspondent based in Atlanta, according to Mediaite. The site said the former CNN host will report on major domestic and international stories for the network.

The move would be a boon for Fox News, which scores an award-winning journalist with Roberts, who has spent the past two decades covering major news stories for CBS News, where he often filled in for "Evening News" anchor Dan Rather, and CNN, where he co-anchored “American Morning." In December, CNN announced that Roberts would be moving to the network’s Atlanta headquarters to be closer to his fiancée, CNN anchor Kyra Phillips, who is pregnant with twins. By choosing to work with Fox instead, Roberts jumps to a news network with higher ratings, along with the chance to get out of the studio and back into reporting.

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: John Roberts. Credit: Edward M. Pio Roda / CNN

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Whatever happened to marrying the mother of your children? Fox seems to specialize in hiring hypocrites now

CONGRATS JOHN~~ VERY PROUD OF YOUR MOVE DISPITE MY HATE FOR FOX~~!! I WILL WATCH YOU WHERE EVER U GO.. AND I did say WATCH U AND YOUR STORIES ONLY!!.. Not anyone else from Fox!!.. Congrats on the Twins to come.. so when is the wedding.???. you must do this right and get married now that the kids are on the way .. and do it for the right reason ok... GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.. I guess once T.J. Homes LEAVES CNN I will have no reason to watch it now that your gone.. ugh~!! Well do keep up the great work .. I'm a fan for life.. "SKITTLES" ( IT JUST MEANS SMILE )


John- I wish you all of the very best. Not one to post to these sites, I have missed you on CNN - you were my morning "get up and get going" voice and though I think TJ is great, it's not the same. My viewing in the a.m. is hit and miss whereas I never missed a day before. I keep checking with FOX news to see what you are up to but to date haven't seen any of your work. I know that whererever you land you will have a faithful base of followers to your work. Best wishes to you and Kyra and your new family.


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