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About (Late) Last Night: On 'Tonight Show,' Bill Maher attacks NRA, Arizona ... and audience [video]


Bill Maher can always be counted on for a little controversy, and on last night's "Tonight Show," he surely delivered ... and then some. 

After a segment in which Maher poked fun of Christine O'Donnell and the new speaker of the House, John Boehner, Leno opened up the conversation: What were Maher's thoughts about the shootings this weekend in Arizona?

Over the ensuing four minutes, Maher certainly made his feelings clear.

"The NRA should change their name to the Assassin's Lobby, because that's what they are," he began. "Nobody needs a gun that fires 31 rounds."

Maher then criticized Arizona's permissive gun laws, which allow citizens to carry concealed weapons in many public places.  "These guys always think that it's great to have a gun because if some bad stuff goes down, I'll be able to stop the bad guy."  Dismissing this idea as a "fantasy," Maher claimed "You would never be able to do that. People have to be trained for months and months at a time."

Maher condemned the Democrats for abandoning the issue of gun control, a point which fell flat with Leno's audience. "There should be one party that sticks up for this issue," he said, garnering little reaction. "I'm not expecting it from this crowd."  Cue the nervous laughter.

When Leno brought up the hot-button issue of violent rhetoric in politics, Maher let loose, going after Newt Gingrich and a number of other Republicans, whose "go-to rhetoric," he claimed, suggests: "Wouldn't it be fun to kill people we disagree with?"

Some audience loudly disagreed with this point.  Maher responded, "Really, then, do you read?"  

As a rule, insulting someone's literacy is not the best way to win an argument, and it certainly wasn't in this case. Maher did get a more positive response from his comments on the patriotism of bringing home the troops home, expanding healthcare and paying taxes, but it was probably too late. When Leno awkwardly wrapped up the segment with a hasty plug for one of Maher's upcoming appearances, you could practically hear him sighing with relief.

Even for those who agree with him politically -- and surely there were more than a few in the "Tonight Show" audience -- Maher's abrasive tone isn't always easy to like.  

-- Meredith Blake




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When Bill Maher says he's sick and tired of hearing the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution argument, what he's really saying is that the Constitution and it's Amendments are subject to whimsical dismissal, but only by those whose agenda it doesn't fit. He furthers says "No one needs a gun that can shoot 31 rounds." Oh really? That's akin to saying no one needs a car that can achieve speeds of 120-mph either? Self-protection and preserving the gift of life is the most sacred gift from our Creator, which is something that atheist "moron" (his favorite acronym for gun owners) doesn't understand. He further proves his stupidity by saying "Arizona allows drunks in bars to carry guns." If he truly knew the law, he'd know that in Arizona you can NOT legally carry a gun into a bar and consume alcohol. The law-abiding folks know this, it's the criminals who disregard the laws. He satirically lumps all citizens that owns guns into the same pile. He's undoubtedly an anti-gun lib-tard who thinks with his dipstick, -vs- that pea-sized gland he calls a brain. To those who admire Bill Maher - If you want to live in a society that's not framed by a Constitution, then move to Europe or Australia. They still kill with guns there, only difference is it's illegal to own one. Haha, in reality, it's all a big joke.

This foulmouthed "comedian" is typical of many in the radical left. I suppose he considers himself a member of the ultra intelligent, intellectual elite that considers itself anointed to take care of the rest of us, the Great Unwashed. Mr. Maher is obviously angry about something. He almost never misses an opportunity to attack Christians, conservatives, the NRA, the Tea Party, and oh, yes--Sarah Palin. He has a repertoire of derogatory comments when it comes to Mrs. Palin. He has referred to her supposed lack of intelligence and portrays her as dumb and ignorant. This good woman has more common decency in one of her little fingers than he has in his entire body. Like her or not, agree with her or not, she is a good and decent human being. If he is so "intellectual," then why does he see the need to be crude, profane, and vulgar?

I also disagree with Bill Maher on many things, in fact, on big things, like the existence of God, but I am 100% with him on gun control. There is no legitimate reason to own assault weapons, as many gun owners agree.

Bill Maher should move to Australia, Canada, or somewhere where they have gun control, that has worked so well. He is just another one of those people that mouths off about something they know nothing about and has no common sence. If a criminal wants a larger clip for a gun and has the ability to get one, they will. Therefore, if a law said we couldn't have that clip, only law abiding people, wouldn't have them. Period

Bill maher is entitled to his opinion. I do not agree with it one bit.


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