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About (Late) Last Night: Betty White and David Letterman throw back some vodka


The past year has been an unexpectedly big one for Betty White, full of accomplishments like a "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig, a Super Bowl commercial, a calendar, and a successful sitcom, "Hot in Cleveland," now in its second season.

Last night on "The Late Show," David Letterman remarked on the actress's unlikely career trajectory."In the last year you're like the best-known person in Hollywood," he remarked.

White, who just celebrated her 89th birthday on Monday, has a healthy perspective about her resurgence. "You're talking overdose," she said, modestly. Pehaps White has suffered a tad from overexposure in the past year, but unlike many stars, it's easy to see why she's so appealing.

While discussing her decades-long friendship with Mary Tyler Moore, White got a little misty-eyed. Letterman handed her a box of tissues, and White took the bait and pretended to weep, turning a sweet, human moment into a wonderfully comic one. 

Later on, when Letterman asked her what she likes to do when she's not working, she deadpanned, "Vodka's kind of a hobby." The host whipped out two tumblers and a bottle of Grey Goose. Sure, it was all staged, but Letterman and White made it look as impromptu as can be.

White's unlikely popularity, fueled by a grassroots Facebook campaign, is a rare example of bottom-up star-making: She's popular now because "the people" want her to be. With that in mind, it was strangely perfect that Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were also guests on "The Late Show" Tuesday night. (The sisters got second billing, proving that at least a few things are right in this crazy world.) They represent the polar opposite, celebrities who are famous because they insist on being so. The Kardashians' collective overexposure, unlike White's, is the result of aggressive publicists, shameless reality-show producers and their own blithe willingness to shill any product, no matter how suspect.

Let's hope the sisters Kardashian were taking notes when White doled out this bit of wisdom: "You do a thing once and then you run like a thief." Personally, I'm glad White has decided to stick around the scene of the crime.

--Meredith Blake


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Betty White (and Grey Goose) or Kim Kardashian?

Betty White!

I am sick to death of this reality show garbage. The Kardashians and there ilk are the lowest form of the lowest kind of entertainment,with a small t. Shame on the opportunist leach-like producers who rollout this empty headed beyond shallow type of programme. Kids may watch goggle eyed as the no rules content washes over them,everyone else just cringes at the depths to which 'enetertainment'has sunk. I know PR people have to make money in these hard times but promoting these talentless people looks like they are shovelling cow pats of the road.Maybe the public need to start boycotting these emptyheaded so called reality shows....there is little real reality. These programmes are cheap to make for television companies. It is truly shamefull how young viewers now think these low life programmes full of talentless opportunists reflect real life and how to live it. Lets make 2011 the begining of the end for all these programmes and there 'stars'....The real stars on the old Hollywood walk of fame must be spinning in there graves at the 'one dimensional few brain cell', so called stars these reality shows produce. Switch channels,stop watching, tell the advertisers that good serial dramas and comedies are what we really want to watch. If everyone switches channels things will change for the better....and future generations will be grateful we stopped the talentless clogging up the airwaves and spreading manure inplace of intellegent fun entertainment. Lets start a campaign...lets all make a difference..switch of the reality dross now!!!!!! YES WE CAN!


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