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ABC Family plans three new series

SymoneAP Raven-Symone, who first attracted attention as little Olivia on "The Cosby Show" in 1989, will be returning to series television this year in "The Great State of Georgia," a comedy on ABC Family. It was one of three new series the cable channel unveiled Monday.

The new show finds her playing an aspiring actress in New York City with a "science geek best friend," played by Majandra Delfino.

The other two series that ABC Family plans to add to its schedule are dramas:

-- "Switched at Birth," about two girls who were accidentally placed with the wrong mothers as infants and grew up in very different circumstances. Years later, the mistake is discovered and the families seek to meld in the best interest of the two teens. Katie Leclerc and Vanessa Marano play the teens; the cast also includes Lea Thompson, D.W. Moffett, Constance Marie and Lucas Grabeel. 

-- "The Nine Lives of Chloe King," based on the series of books by Celia Thomson, about a girl who learns she has special powers and is part of an ancient race that is threatened with extinction. Skyler Samuels has the title role.

ABC Family said all three shows would premiere this year but didn't announce specific dates.

-- Lee Margulies

Photo: Raven-Symone. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press

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That's SO Raven

For years children and adults have loved ABC Family. Sadly to say, many of the stars that play the roles of good "clean-cut people" are people that bring a bad name to "Real Actors". People such as "Nicki Micheaux" who had no problem making a complete fool of herself and bringing shame to a "God-given talent" by taking on roles where she is in a lesbian-style movie "The Ranch" in where she has no problem at all in doing an "girl on girl/three-some" in this movie.

Black Actor have had to overcome many things to get good roles, and Black women like "Nicki Micheaux" does nothing to prove to "God" how greatful she is for her talent and how thankful she is to those who faught and have died trying to get the good roles and respect in the acting business. Instead, "Nicki Micheaux" gives a bad example for "Black female actresses" by showing that "she has no respect for herself to take only roles that shows the beauty of a true classy woman".

It is sad that "ABC Family" felt the need to display such a woman as "A true loving self-respecting mother" in the TV Show "Lincoln Heights" when in fact this woman has shamed her craft, herself and God by doing such roles as "The Ranch".

There should be no amount of paycheck that would cause any "self-respecting" Black woman to be in a movie all over another woman and man in a three-some.

It's clear that there is no remorse on her part and possibly on the part of "ABC Family" for even allowing such a woman that would be in a role as nasty as the one she played in "The Ranch" and yet have her as a "classy mother" in the TV Show "Lincoln Heights".

Lincoln Heights being a real place, deserved the role of "Jenn Sutton" being played by "someone of true acting class" not someone that would take on the role of a prostitute in the movie "The Ranch".

How can you all live with yourselves knowing the reality of those having lived their lives in the real "Lincoln Heights" and you all go and put "Nicki Micheaux" to play the part of "Jenn Sutton" and have her around children at the time such as "Erica Hubbard,Rhyon Nicole Brown, Mishon Ratliff and many other kids that had roles in that TV Show.

As a long-time supporter of ABC, I feel betrayed. No matter all of the "Oxfam Sisters on the planet" work "Nicki Micheaux" does, and no matter any other charity she may get be in the lime-light for, fact remains "the black and white actors that fought to get Black Actors the chance at good role are turning over in their graves at seeing how people like Nicki Micheaux care not to honor them by being a true actress of class and not one of pure trash".


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